Earworms 28 July 2014

I have managed to break my wrist so this intro will be short – thanks for the brilliant worms and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com. More potential ‘Spill points on offer from tinny, today. Enjoy!

Glasvegas – Santa Monica (demo) – AliM:  Short but sweet.

Haunted House – Shoulders – ghe: I’ve tempted the earworm massive with Brighton’s Lianne Hall before. Now based in Berlin she is one half of Haunted House, with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. Here’s a remix off the latest EP, with a nice bit of wormy incantation, and an invitation to climb on her shoulders.

Syd Arthur – Garden of Time – bethnoir: I confess to being a fan of Gong, Caravan and even a bit of Hatfield and the North so it kind of makes sense that I’d like a band from Canterbury with a similar feel to those bands. These guys wear lovely jumpers, one of them is Kate Bush’s nephew and they take their name from Syd Barrett and the Kinks’ character, Arthur (surely a nod to Buddha too?), relax and enjoy.

Otis Taylor – Rain So Hard – Leavey: Where to start without sounding too effusive but I have tincanman to thank for this discovery (he’s got such good taste). He suggested Otis’s Coming With Crosses for my last RR Stint and I mentioned I’d have to look up his extensive back catalogue, well I am doing so and this one off of Clovis People, Vol. 3 is a stand out track. My he’s got a fabulous ‘gravelly’ voice over that insistent beat and a bit of brass in there too, brings me out in goosebumps.

-??- Sous Le Soleil Exactement – tincanman: Who on earth is that singing this Serge Gainsborough song? And for a whole heap of Spill points, what Jack of all trades is on guitar?

The Wailers – Pass It On – goneforeign: Note it’s ‘The Wailers’, from before the advent of BM&W. This is from 1973′s album ‘Burnin’; Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob, Family Man, Carlton Barrett & Wire Lindo. Possibly written by Bunny: “Be not selfish in your doings, Pass it on – Help your brothers in their needs, Pass it on – Live for yourself – you will live in vain. Live for others – you will live again. In the kingdom of Jah Man shall reign, Pass it on …”

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1953 Allard JR Le Mans Roadster
Would it be overdoing it if I did another automotive related post so soon? Not trying to change the face of the Spill or anything like that but I thought this was interesting.
Well, what the hell. Back in about 1971-2-3 I was working at the university and whenever a meeting was required in the administration building I’d usually bump into my friend Mary T, she was secretary to one of the VP’s. We both drove Porsches to school so right there was a common bond and we’d usually chat about car stuff. Continue reading


iveco+van copy
I don’t know if this’ll be of interest to anybody but me, it might not be fascinating to all Spillers but there are some that may find it interesting. Ali’s recent question about ‘best moment ever’ was not an easy one for me to answer, I stumbled and mumbled something about SF Immigration etc but that event was not really memorable. That’s maybe because mine are not ‘moments’, they’re more long term, After thinking about it for a while I realized that mine fell into what you might call ‘events or achievements’, and they take time. I’d say that my 3 month trip to Jamaica was probably one of the most significant events of my life and so after thinking about it a bit more I came up with another that’s been on my mind in one form or another lo these many years. I’ve scribbled notes about it and collected photos in files but I’ve never gone beyondthat, here’s that story.

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Tech help required, AGAIN!


See? I can’t even embed this properly! Curse you, BBC, for building me up, then bringing me down. :mad:

There are three sets from this year’s Glastonbury festival that I can’t stop watching. Elbow’s mellow sundown set on Friday was just ace. BUTBUTBUT ….

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Earworms 21 July 2014

Not sure that the worms are all going to the same party this week, but you can make up a love story from the titles … and there’s a poser from tinny – can you name the artist(s)? I shall be offline for a few days so you’ll have to make your own entertainment while I’m gone – meanwhile, please send more worms to earworm@tincanland.com. Thank you!

She Makes War – Butterflies – bethnoir: Gloom pop? Not sure about the label, but she’s a Bristol based musician who likes many instruments and an indie style of singing.

-??- Go On & Cry – tincanman: The participants went on to become quite famous in different musical ways, but the band itself disbanded before the results of this 1966 Motown recording session could be finished and released.

Spyder Turner – Stand By Me – tincanman: Do we really need to hear yet another ’60′s cover of this? When the singer imitates others who covered it, though – yes we do. (tx @popa2unes)

Viv Albertine – I Want More – abahachi: Reading Viv Albertine’s brilliant memoir Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music Boys Boys Boys – candidate for Book of the Year – not only sent me back to the first Slits album, which I can’t have listened to in twenty years, but prompted exploration of her recent music. Which is brilliant, spiky, funny and sometimes (especially if you’ve read the book and know something of the context) deeply moving. This is one of the funny, spiky ones…

Seasick Steve – That’s All – AliM: “’Freedom’ for most, is just a word, like ‘toast’”. How could I resist?

Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again – goneforeign: This might seem an odd candidate for Earworms, but it’s absolutely not! For all of those who lived through WW2 in England it is the ultimate Earworm, almost everyone knew someone, family or friends, to whom the lyrics were appropriate, it’s a classic piece of propaganda music. It’s also perhaps the only piece of music I know that can make me teary eyed and I could sing along at the drop of a hat. I have a specific memory concerning it; my auntie Winnie had taken me to the LMS station in Sheffield for my first unaccompanied train journey, I was leaning out of the window and she was on the platform, she very quietly started to sing this song just for me, I was about 6-7. Indelibly burned into my memory bank.

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