Earworms 24 November 2014

Good morning campers! Another day, another delectable selection of worms for you – thanks to all and please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Contributions for Christmas earworms are also welcome, if you can bear to think about it.

Hip Hatchet – Selfless In A City – tincanman: Anyone who has moved for work or sent a kid away to uni can relate. You’re not helpless, it’s for a good reason, and you’re not a victim. But it’s lonely.

Hozier – Cherry Wine – AliM: YOU: “Oh Ali, Ali, Ali … not another wistful male singer/songwriter type chappie … ” ME: “Yes, I’m afraid so, I’m still 24 in my head. And I can’t stop listening to this.” YOU: “Sigh …”

Nina Simone – Trouble in Mind – goneforeign: This a slow eight-bar blues written by jazz pianist Richard M. Jones in 1924.The song became an early blues standard, with numerous renditions by a variety of musicians. In many versions, new lyrics are added. However, most usually include the opening verse:
“Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always
‘Cause I know the sun’s gonna shine in my back door someday …”

The Saints – Lipstick on Your Collar – deanofromoz: Pioneers of the punk genre, certainly in Oz but I think even in the underground scene in the UK as well, The Saints take that Connie Francis track and turn it into something entirely different. Get ready to rock out!

Marianne Faithfull – Sparrows Will Sing – bishbosh: The other day, I watched with mounting horror as Boy George honked and rasped his way through a BBC Philharmonic recreation of “Colour By Numbers”. Even I wouldn’t claim the original as a classic (OK, I might …) but he once had a voice at least. Now he has a croak. It was kind of heartbreaking. And then I listened to this, in which Marianne makes a virtue of her age – and drug-ravaged pipes – and remembered that youth isn’t necessarily everything, in pop or otherwise.

Papa Wemba – Dixieme Commandement – goneforeign: Papa Wemba, I’ve never played him on’t Spill before, he’s From Kinshasa, this cut is Dixieme Commandement, it’s from his 1994 LP ‘Foridoles’. The backup is by Viva La Musica.

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Sing A Rainbow – Violet/Purple

In the Final Week of this Spill Challenge we reach the end of the rainbow.


Do rainbows end in Acapulco?


Violet Songs are, I suspect, quite rare so please chuck in Purple ones too.

According to the (misleading, lazily-written) song, rainbows contain purple, not violet.



As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

And, of course: have fun!

Earworms 17 November 2014

It’s that time again … mixed reviews last week so let’s see how we do this time. I hope you find something you like, more to the point, send something in! All worms welcome at earworm@tincanland.com. People are starting to send in Christmas worms too, so if you have any you’d like included in the Christmas edition, please send them along. Many thanks!

Billy Mackenzie – Wild Is The Wind – bishbosh: Not Nina or David, of course, but I think Billy holds his own with his elegant, torchy take on the song. Mind you, with a voice like his, he’d have been hard pressed to screw it up.

Gotan Project – Santa Maria [Del Buen Ayra] – shoegazer: Dubtronica series continues (or Folktronica begins).

The Delines – Calling In – ghe: The huge talent that is Willy Vlautin has now spawned a new band, The Delines, to add to Richmond Fontaine. The Delines includes the keyboardist from the Decemberists, and the steel guitar of Tucker Jackson. It showcases the singing of Amy Boone, who does a great job with the gritty vignettes that Willy paints, like miniature versions of his novels. Sadly I will miss their gig in Winchester on 13th Nov, as I will be sunning myself in Tenerife! Here’s a taste of what Willy describes as ‘late night country soul’.

Bob Dylan & The Band: Katie’s Been Gone – abahachi: Dilemma time: I really don’t think I can spare over a hundred quid for the full six-cd edition of the remastered Basement Tapes, but the cheaper two-cd version doesn’t include this song, my absolute favourite from the original 1975 issue.

The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac – deanofromoz: Aussie band named after the former Australian PM Gough Whitlam, who has just recently passed away. The are a piano led band, with charasmatic Tim Freedman their leader. This starts off as a sweet little missing you kind of track, and the descends into something quite different. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but lets just say they obviously read different papers to what I read.

King Sunny Ade and the African Beats – Ja Funmi – goneforeign: In 1982 I went to the Hollywood Palladium to see/hear King Sunny Ade, I was just discovering African music and he synched it for me, I was hooked thereafter and right after that he released an album, ‘JuJu music’, this is a cut from that album. One thing I discovered at that concert was what amazing sounds can be created on ‘talking drums’. Adé stated that “Ja Funmi” is a common Yoruban phrase meaning “Fight for me”, soon after that the magazine I was associated with changed it’s name from ‘The Reggae Beat’ to ‘The Reggae and African Beat’.

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Kew, Queues, Qawwali-for-Youth, Poppies, In-Laws & Grub

(10 ‘Spill points & a drink of your choosing to the first person to ‘get’ the lyrical reference in that title.)


I pretty much missed Shane’s first proper RR Guru stint, much to my own annoyance. Did you notice? No? Oh well, as you were ….

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Sing A Rainbow – Indigo/Pink



In Week 6 of this Spill Challenge we reach the nuanced end of the spectrum.


We should only be looking for Indigo  Songs but I’m also asking for Pink ones because, according to the song, pink is heard when you sing a rainbow and indigo is not. Three-syllable words are awkward things to fit into lyrics, it seems.


At least they didn’t take the ground-zero approach of Wyngate Junior, as reported by his proud punk Dad, or this would have been a one-week-only event.

Red and red and red and red
Red and red and red……

As usual, no embedded videos please; links only.

Have fun!

Earworms 10 November 2014

‘Spill points for inserting your sample text here – not literally, but give us a caption, or fit the picture to the song below. Easy peasy. Anyway, an eclectic mix for you this week, thanks to all contributors and please keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Bug, Roger Robinson & Paul St. Hilaire – Living Dub – shoegazer: From the dubtronica series…

Flying Lotus with Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me – carolebristol: This might not sound like my sort of thing, but I really like it a lot. Once again, it is getting a lot of play on BBC6Music. I love the bass, it reminds me a bit of “Brown Paper Bag”. Not sure I’d buy the album, but this is a lot of fun. It is by Flying Lotus with Kendrick Lamar (no, I’ve never heard of him, either) and it is called Never Catch Me.

??? – Marcin Wasilewski Trio – abahachi: This One’s For Darcey’s Dad - Well, of course that isn’t the real title, but if DsD hasn’t yet heard the brilliant new MWT album, here’s a chance to play ‘can you guess what it is yet?’ with the usual unexpected pop cover.

Nina Simone At Newport – In The Evening By The Moonlight – goneforeign: From 1960, possibly the first Nina LP I ever bought, There’s many wonderful cuts on this album, she was right at the start of her career and she quit her classical training to pay the rent; listen to the J.S. Bach influences throughout her wonderful piano solo.

Peter Blakeley – Crying in the Chapel: deanofromoz: No, not the Elvis song of the same name. Was checking out the CD’s for sale at a second hand shop and came across this one. I remember it as a catchy hit in Australia in the late 80′s/early 90′s, and thought I would give it a go. The album as a whole doesn’t really stack up, but I still really like this song. I know it might be a bit MOR for some tastes, but nothing wrong with that every now and then.

Gary Clark Jr – Bright Lights – tincanman: It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s nasty. It’s the blues.

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