Not for DsD in his time of need: A request for submissions

Rich, Darcy’s Dad, lost his younger brother this month to meningitis. A lot of RRers have emailed him their condolences, which is pretty damn neat.

We could probably do a great funereal playlist for him, but by now he likely needs some comic relief. What we need here is songs that will make him choose between good and evil.  I want a collection of awful/awfully good songs.

He Said – She Said – The A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter “I”


I is for Irezumi ! ! !

I is for Irezumi ! ! !


Ms 4 -80She Says:

After our short break, we are back with the next letter in our series of posts about Japanese music, culture and language  This week we are looking at the letter “I”  We have great tunes, P sensei has added a video to help understand the word of the week, and S sensei and the culture club are looking at tattoos this week, so if you want to know what the maple leaf and dragon motifs mean that our cover guy is displaying  ( and if you should be scared or not )  then come and  find out in the culture cub this week ! ! !

spike-80 -1He Says:

Hello again, fan, and welcome back to A-Z ! It’s been a while and we’ve missed you. This week we are looking at the letter “I”, the most selfish letter of the alphabet. Remember, kids, there is no “I” in team. Which is what me and Sakura are, sort of…

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Earworms 26 January 2015


Thank you everyone, it has been a joy this week. Can’t decide which I like best. Go ahead and enjoy, and please keep sending your spare worms to

Herbert Pixner Project: Dirty Kathy (live) – abahachi: ‘Volksmusik’ programmes on German television can go one of two ways. Most of them peddle a ghastly sort of washed-out, mid-tempo pop-like sludge that makes James Blunt look avant-garde, with the only connection to a folk tradition being the costumes and the pictures of Alps. But there are also programmes that present ‘real’ Volksmusik (‘echtes traditionelle Heimatsmusik’, apparently), not just as a period piece but as a living tradition. This is my current favourite group in this line, from Sud Tirol (the bit of Alpine Italy where they speak German and retain Austrian customs): accordion, guitar, bass and harp going hell for leather…

The Cat Empire – Hotel California – deanofromoz: The recent RR topic of hotels made me think of this. An Australian radio station, Triple J, has a segment called “Like a Version” where they invite groups in to perform unlikely cover versions. I have a compliation best of from one of these, and it contains the Cat Empire’s great French language take on the Eagles classic. I will also be sending through to Ali some more unlikely covers, so keep an eye out for them.

Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 – Freedom (Zombie Dance parts 1 & 2) – shoegazer: Another gem from Shoey’s Dubtronica series.

Perfume Genius: No Good – bishbosh: My album of last year. Just a staggering piece of (unashamed) art. I love the more confrontational tracks like Queen, but also the quieter numbers like this one, where he puts me in mind of a damaged queer Art Garfunkel. With added poeticism.

William Topley – Black River – LeaveitAllbehind: The Blessing’s lead singer William Topley went solo following their break-up. This is the title track from his ’97 debut album: Black River. What can I say, the voice, the guitar, the heartache, “let me roll back to you”, brilliant.

Psychedelic Furs – Into You Like A Train – bethnoir: these 5 CDs sets that Beggars Banquet have been releasing are fab, I have plenty of Psychedelic Furs now and I’m enjoying their spiky, husky tunes.

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Panda Bears, if only we could ask them what they’re thinking

I have had “Mr Noah” by Panda Bear (his 2007 LP was my fave of that year) on repeat for the last two weeks & is the mpst bizarre earworm as I have no clue at all what he’s singing about, apart from he won’t get out of bed except for chips & egg? Maybe? And it’s definately dog themed….maybe….

I thought it may be fun if we have a guess at the lyrics, without googling (who wants the truth? not me!) and see what comes out of the morass?

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

PKN 001

“[Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät] probably won’t take over the world, but it will accomplish something a lot more important.”– Sami Tenkanen, Radio Rock

Forget taking over the world. Four podgy Finnish blokes who have difficulties dealing with social situations are going to enter Eurovision. “Nothing new there!” you might think. But these four blokes have genuine intellectual disabilities. They got their start when Lyhty (Lantern), a non-profit organisation that provides housing and education services as well as workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities, organised a culture event and ended up with the world’s most direct punk band.

Since then PKN have had a film made about them, recorded an album and various singles, toured abroad and ended up being fêted by Finland’s finest, at least in the punk scene. But now ‘PKN go Europe’ and are entering Eurovision, creating interest in that moribund event amongst people who wouldn’t normally give a toss about it. Of course, they have to win the Finnish competition first but there’s a certain buzz around the internet that seems to think that is a foregone conclusion.

So, knowing that you like to be ahead of the curve, here’s their Eurovision entry: Aina mun pitää (I always have to). It’s a rant about the things that Kari has to do.

Miks kukaan ei ymmärrä? (Why does no one understand?); Mä vihaan maailmaa (I hate the world); Puhevika (Speech defect); Päättäjä on pettäjä (The decision-maker is a betrayer); Kuus Kuppia Kahvia (Six cups of coffee)