RR Films: Change Of Mind

It may be that he simply ran out of alternatives – and it is bigly boring – but it looks like Donny has had a change of mind and appointed someone with a functioning brain, and maybe even some perspective, to an important job. Lucky the guy can’t say no to his C-in-C.

Films that involve a change of mind this week then. Either a main character doing so, or events changing several minds, or maybe that rare thing, a film that changed your mind.

I’ll kick off with Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, une nuit). Despite not being a Marion Cotillard fan, her character’s attempts to change her co-workers minds raised issues that engaged me.

What films involving mind-changing (not chemically; that seems like a possible future topic) would you recommend?


Earworms 20 February 2017

19054425 - dentures placed in a glass of water for cleaning

More eclectic Earworms for you this week. The wormbank is getting low again, and so I have included two new releases, which were sent courtesy of Shauna McLarnon (shamelesspromotion@haulix.com) – and very good they are, too.

If anyone out there is new to Earworms, the concept is very simple – just send an .mp3 of something that has caught your ear recently, and that you’d like to share, to earworm@tincanland.com. It doesn’t have to be new, in fact we don’t usually include new music here, that’s reserved for “Sounds on Sunday” or other individual posts. If you’re reading this on Hype Machine, these other posts aren’t currently being picked up, so take a scroll through our blog and see for yourself. Meanwhile, thanks to all contributors, and hope you enjoy the music.

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Sounds on Sunday (18)

Here are some more new sounds to brighten your Sunday, nine tracks on Soundcloud and three on Youtube.

Someone has asked why these posts are not being picked up on Hype Machine, like the Monday “Earworms” posts. The answer is, I don’t know, but I’ve emailed Hype Machine to see if they will link the “Sounds on Sunday” posts as well. So we will have to wait and see.

On the Admin side, does anyone in ‘Spill land know who is in charge of the Twitter feed for The ‘Spill? It’s very out-of-date, and I have a volunteer to look after it … which would be good.

Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below. Thanks to all.

Red Giant – Universal Daughter: ”I’m contacting you on behalf of Foon Promotions, an NJ based music sharing platform that connects new audiences to new music. As a fan of the music you share on The Spill, I think you’ll dig trip-hop duo Red Giant’s newest track, “Universal Daughter”. This is a new single off of their upcoming EP, to be released this Spring.”

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Lee Endres – “Croft” – debut album

“Born and raised in Stourbridge, Lee Endres is a songwriter who after isolating himself for 3 months on the north-western tip of Scotland is now sharing his debut album Croft.

Written and recorded in an old cottage next to the Atlantic Ocean deep in the Highlands, Croft is part of a cacophony of samples that was composed during his time there. The songs reflect the milieu of the highlands that helped depict a new honest, stripped back and organic approach to his craft. Lee writes about Dementia, alienation, self doubt as well as love, loss and alcoholism.

Embracing a nomadic nature, the past 5 years have seen him travelling around Eastern Europe and living in various cities around the world. Most comparatively it took him to rural Devon where he recorded an album that was immediately scrapped. This was the final push he needed to create a situation in the Scottish highlands to avoid distractions and to concentrate on what was needed to denude. His mental strength was pushed to the limits as he finally found the space and time to put down his scattered thoughts into fragile, brutally honest and bare songs that hide behind no guises.

For Lee it feels like his whole life has been pieced together inside the album, which is consequential to him recording and mixing it himself. This is a keyhole inside the mind of someone who has shaped his life around his music, leaving a trace of fear, guilt and obsession.”

Do have a listen, and share your thoughts in the comments below. It is perfect for a contemplative evening’s listening.

RR Films: Falling In Love

As this week’s episode falls on Valentine’s Day, we have to be looking at films about love, don’t we?

I have probably made great efforts to avoid things like Love Story, so the love films that stick in my mind don’t come smothered in flowers and choccies. I was going to recommend Mother, my favourite film of 2010, about the extent of a mother’s love for her son, but that’s a little too downbeat. So let’s go with Some Like It Hot, in which Tony Curtis and all heterosexual males fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, and Jack Lemmon acquired a suitor too. The story starts exactly 88 years ago today…..

What films about falling in love would you recommend?

Earworms 13 February 2017

11142405 - heart with headphones - the concept of a music lover

Earworm time again, and I hope all you music lovers have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, even if you’re in the “humbug” camp (like me). In the meantime, thanks to all contributors, and please keep sending those lovely worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Rob Shipster – Beleave me – glassarfemptee: Several friends have offspring in the music biz. Rob Shipster scrapes a living composing, DJ-ing, producing and making music live and in the studio. His ‘jack of all trades’ approach is necessary to earn a crust in the digital age, and he is an accomplished African drummer. So his music is eclectic to say the least, from reggae to classical, African roots to Django jazz. Here’s a track I especially like – “Beleave Me”, and you can find more of his music on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/search?q=rob%20shipster

The Groovemaster – Tangle Locks – severin: A track taken from a Trojan dub compilation I bought recently. Bought in fact because of another track (Butter fe Fish by Skin Flesh and Bones) which was nominated on Songbar recently. This one is (for me) another standout.

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Sounds on Sunday (17)

More diverse new sounds to wake up your Sunday – thanks to all contributors. Have a listen and let me know what you think, in the comments below – please also mention any new music you’d like to share. There’s a Soundcloud playlist for the first nine tracks, followed by an individual link to the final track on Youtube. Details as follows:

Frozen Houses – Greenhouse on Mars: New release from Frozen Houses, who was also featured on 6 November. He says: “I’m really happy with the art work, it was done with playdough!”

Sexy Levels – #SUICIDESAUCE: New release from East London electro/dance duo Sami and Andi.

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