Tuesday night family tree challenge #8

So, my thanks to Ali for looking after the trees for a couple of weeks. I must catch up with the music when I get the time.

Anyway, I had two candidates for this week but I couldn’t make my mind up who to pick, so in the end I tossed a coin. The loser will feature next week,unless someone else pops into my head.

This week’s starting point is a real virtuoso, someone who has played with a huge variety of different musicians and bands but who has always set amazingly high standards and stretched what can be done with the electric (and acoustic) guitar. I don’t think he will be to everyone’s taste but there are clear links via some of the bands he’s played with to other acts who might be more mainstream. The world is your mollusc, as the late Terry Pratchett used to have his characters say in the Discworld novels.

Anyway, my choice this week is the jazz-fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

Here, to kick things off is a track from the 1975 album “Bundles” by Soft Machine.

Hopefully I’ve got the hang of links to the playlist now, so here it is. The link should open in a new tab.



Earth image

I recently found myself thinking about the changes that have occurred during my lifetime, not the personal changes though there’s been quite a few of those, but the big ones, those that have changed mankind. The industrial revolution had that effect on civilization, nothing was ever the same after that. The changes that I’m thinking about are on that scale, world changing events that have all  happened during in my lifetime. It’s unbelievable that the world could change so dramatically in such a relatively short period. The photograph above couldn’t exist before WW2.

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RR Movies: Trains

There are a couple of Hitchcock classics featuring trains (The Lady Vanishes, Strangers On A Train), there’s a classic European film about sabotaging one the title of which nilp will remember (and the similar-ish Frank Sinatra vehicle, Von Ryan’s Express), there are Bond and Cary Grant films featuring them and there’s a Wes Anderson misfire/masterpiece set on one (The Darjeeling Limited)….. but I’ll pick Festival Express, the documentary about a bunch of artists travelling across Canada to play music, featuring the Dead, The Band, Janis Joplin, Buddy Guy et al.

What train films would you recommend?

Earworms 25 July 2016

18896407 -

Another joyous selection for you. I used to treasure my albums and CDs – now I am still fond of music I used to listen to a lot, but I’m even happier listening to music that’s new to me – and there’s a great selection here. Thanks to all contributors, and please keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Disperse – Dancing With Endless Love – AliM: Another gem from Spotify. Disperse are a Polish band who, according to Bandcamp, “… balance amazing technical skill with elegance as they inject their own style into a modern take on intelligent, progressive metal and rock.” Sounds good to me.

Kutle Khan and Kavita Seth – Khari Khari – Ravi Raman: Here’s an Amit Trivedi composition, combining Punjabi folk and some Indian R&B! Kutle Khan of Rajasthan Roots and well-known Indie singer Kavita Seth join hands in this Amit Trivedi composition. Amit is known for composing rustic leaning songs.

Ann Mortifee – One Man Sally Ann – tincanman: Would love to report she is a Canadian treasure, but …

Henry Priestman – Grey’s The New Blonde – tfd: Henry used to be in a band called the Christians, which comprised three brothers whose surname is Christian and him – and his middle name is Christian! How often does that happen? Anyway, I’m friendly with a local band called Kobold who are fans of Henry and do several songs of his, including this one. (Which is, OK, a bit trite and soppy…but it strikes a chord, that’s all I’ll say.) So they set up a gig for him in Stony Stratford recently and told me I had to come along and see Henry because he’s very good, so I did and he was.

Billy Bragg and the Blokes – Billericay Dicky – severin: From the Brand New Boots and Panties album of cover versions. Could have picked almost anything from it but this is a bit of a gem. Billy had fun with this one.

Cassandra Wilson – Death Letter – goneforeign: This was written in the ’30’s by Son House and was a part of his ’60’s blues revival repertoire. It has been covered by many artists as Death Letter Blues, here’s a version by Cassandra Wilson.

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RR Playlist Movies

This week’s RR Revisited prompted me to do my Ancient Mariner bit and promote Living In Oblivion, my favourite film about dreams, yet again. Then I thought this could be a way to give Spillers some ideas about how to distract themselves for a couple of hours in a time of global insanity and crap summer TV….

So, if there’s sufficient interest, I’ll ask for your favourite films on whatever subject Shoey picks to re-visit. So far, mine are:

John Cusack in High Fidelity

John Cusack in High Fidelity

Change: Boyhood

Anxiety: Inland Empire

Summer: Vertical Ray of the Sun
(aka At the Height of Summer)

Separation: 127 Hours

The Sea: A Hijacking

Dreams: Living In Oblivion

What are yours?

Tuesday night family tree challenge #7

I hope Carole is enjoying her holiday. Meanwhile, thanks to tfd for suggesting today’s contender, Maggie Holland. Born in Hampshire, she became involved in the 1960s folk club scene and has played in numerous bands and collaborated with many other artists. Here she is in this week’s youtube playlist, singing A Place Called England, which won her a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award as Best Song of 1999:

Now it’s over to you to expand the family tree by adding more of her music / collaborations / influences / songs that have been covered by others to the above youtube playlist, if you can. I can’t get any of the collaborative links to work this week (although I’ve done exactly the same as last week), so if all else fails just tell me what you want to add to the list and I’ll do it myself (sigh). It’s too hot for a beer but I’m having one anyway. There. That’s better.

UPDATE: TRY THIS LINK TO ADD SONGS TO THE YT PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJi415WCqJ306zUffcyjMwJA7KDOHWomM