RR Movies: Aviation

Had RR done Songs About Pretending To Consider All The Environmental Issues And Then Doing The Stupid Thing You Always Planned To Do Anyway, then today’s topic would be obvious (if we hadn’t already used it when China eventually got Hinkley Point). So, just plain Aviation, then….

I’ll kick off with Scorsese’s portrait of Howard Hughes, The Aviator.

What films about being airborne would you recommend?

Tune of the Week #3

Challenge rules for any newbies – pretty simple and not too strict.   Just pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

Ravi is a genius and finally got the link sorted for adding to the list yourselves – for future reference for anyone else attempting a collab playlist, you just have to hotlink it in some text.  I hope.

Try This Link

Not a new release but newtome this week – released on EP in 2012.  Seems that one of my printmaking teachers has musical taste right up my alley, and not much on her playlists i can quibble with – dream pop and psych that’s perfect to work to. Especially as, like Shane, i’ve been a bit melancholy on and off these days.  Lovely stuff.

Earworms 24 October 2016

50364490 - luxury tailor concept. businessman getting measured by a tailor

Thanks for all the earworms, please keep them coming in to earworm@tincanland.com. Eclectic as ever, we also have a catchy new song from The Loft Club – “Heart’s Desire” Eat More Cake house re-mix. The Loft Club are a new British, sixties-styled, indie band, consisting of Daniel Schamroth, Jamie Whyte, Kieran Chalmers and Amy O’Loughlin. Their debut EP, also titled “Heart’s Desire”, is available now on Lightyear Entertainment. 

https://soundcloud.com/eatmorecake/the-loft-club-hearts-desire-eat-more-cake-remix . 

The Equators – Feel Like Making Love – severin: I heard this late one night in 1977 when John Peel played it on his radio programme. One of those reggae recordings that startled and (in some cases) delighted young rock fans around the UK. I was unfamiliar , at the time, with the original Roberta Flack version and certainly unprepared for the, frankly peculiar, dub which Peel also played – see below. A sometimes forgotten gem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH8Joxp88QA

Eddie Reader – Love is a Losing Game – glassarfemptee: Is it that time already, Eddie? Yes, it’s time for a 2 CD “Best of…” Eddie Reader.  I thought she was just getting started. But google reminds me it’s nearly thirty years since ‘Perfect’. Tempus fugit. Anyhow, here she is with a lovely cover of Amy Winehouse (RIP) from the amazing Back to Black album.

Spyro Gyra – Para Ti Latino – Ravi Raman: This is one group that seems to have disappeared from radio nowadays. I used to listen to them, and bands like Yes & Bread, a lot. Revisited their music and found this gem.

Coasters – Shopping For Clothes – tincanman: Who among us hasn’t imagined themselves as a large cross-dressed black man with a gruff voice shopping in Macy’s with the Pink Panther? 

The Wailers – All Day, All Night – goneforeign: You’ve probably heard the Island record version of this but this is ‘The Wailers’, not BMW. This was recorded in the early 70’s, before Bob signed with Island, Bob, Bunny and Tosh.

Wishbone Ash – Errors of My Way – AliM: Heard this again recently. Remembered why I liked Wishbone Ash back in the day. It’s from their eponymous debut album, in 1970. (46 years ago? Really??!!)

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Sounds on Sunday (3)

So much music, so little time, I will have to re-name this feature “Sounds in the Early Hours of Monday Morning”. Tonight I have a Soundcloud playlist for you, let me know what you think in the comments section below:

1. Indian folk-pop duo Parekh & Singh from Kolkata with “Philosophize,” ” a windswept tune about feeling out of place in ones’ surroundings, written while the duo were living in India about a shared longing towards the west.” They are the latest signees to Peace Frog Records (Little DragonJose Gonazelez).

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Tune of the Week #2

Review of challenge rules for any newbies – pretty simple and not too strict.   Just post a video of a tune you heard this week and want to share.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

I still can’t figure this link to the playlist out yet, so unless someone else can, you’ll have to post them in the comments and i’ll add them manually to the list.  I’ll be away on Tues night so i won’t be able to do it till Wednesday.

No new release from me this week, had a busy weekend.  This 90’s janglepop beauty showed up on the playlist of my college radio station.

RR Movies: Confusion and Delusion

From Trump’s attempts to insinuate fraud into the electoral system and his wife’s re-iteration that the Donald has changed completely in the last 11 years, to the Daily Express’s headline promising cheaper food out of the EU as the pound plummets and inflation rises, the world seems to be turning into a huge experiment in cognitive dissonance. Where did all the sense go?

Whatevs, let’s distract ourselves with films that have delusion and confusion at their core. I’ll kick off with Inherent Vice, PT Anderson’s attempt at Thomas Pynchon‘s novel. The drugs don’t make things clearer….

What confusing and/or delusional films would you recommend?