Tune of the Week #2

Review of challenge rules for any newbies – pretty simple and not too strict.   Just post a video of a tune you heard this week and want to share.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

I still can’t figure this link to the playlist out yet, so unless someone else can, you’ll have to post them in the comments and i’ll add them manually to the list.  I’ll be away on Tues night so i won’t be able to do it till Wednesday.

No new release from me this week, had a busy weekend.  This 90’s janglepop beauty showed up on the playlist of my college radio station.

RR Movies: Confusion and Delusion

From Trump’s attempts to insinuate fraud into the electoral system and his wife’s re-iteration that the Donald has changed completely in the last 11 years, to the Daily Express’s headline promising cheaper food out of the EU as the pound plummets and inflation rises, the world seems to be turning into a huge experiment in cognitive dissonance. Where did all the sense go?

Whatevs, let’s distract ourselves with films that have delusion and confusion at their core. I’ll kick off with Inherent Vice, PT Anderson’s attempt at Thomas Pynchon‘s novel. The drugs don’t make things clearer….

What confusing and/or delusional films would you recommend?

Earworms 17 October 2016

34553105 - fist and placard, protest concept, vector, eps10

Good Morning ‘Spillers. This week’s featured new music is from Dominic Ellerbee, a 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher and performer from Denver, who has an inspirational back story – too long to feature here, but you can find out more about him from several YouTube videos, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N27RuNfqq_0. Here is a Soundcloud link to his new single, “Old School Radio” – https://soundcloud.com/stella-nova-band/old-school-radio. Meanwhile, many thanks for the earworms, and please keep them coming to earworm@tincnland.com.

Laura Nyro – Beads of Sweat – CaroleBristol: I’ve been playing my Laura Nyro albums a fair bit recently, and although they are all brilliant, Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat is, for some reason one I play less often than the others. Not sure why, possibly because it evokes a certain contemplative mood. Anyway, this track, Beads Of Sweat is one of the more up tempo ones and features Duane Allman on guitar. Enjoy. 

Lucinda Belle – Smells Like Teen Spirit – severin: Not everyone will like this, I’m sure. There have been any number of covers of this song over the years, many of them knowingly cheesy or camp. All good fun but you can have too much of a good thing. This is not intended that way at all but it’s still a million miles away from the Nirvana template.  Anyway, Lucinda has been singing this (to the accompaniment of her harp) for as long as she’s been performing but she only got around to recording it this month. Judge for yourselves how you feel. I love it, of course.

Tom Cochrane – Just Scream – DsD: I’m trying to spring clean my Walkman (16GB, nearly full, previously nothing’s ever been deleted). There are songs on there that were originally just random picks from artists I like. When changing over the Tom Cochrane songs, I rediscovered just how much I love this song – builds to a very DsD-pleasing climax.

Vargas Blues Band – Don’t Let Go – Ravi Raman: I was introduced to this band by Sony BMG and this album All Around Blues is this band’s first early release. Founded by Javier Vargas a Spanish guitarist settled in Buenos Aires, VBB incorporates blues, flamenco, funk, rock & jazz.

Black Angels – Don’t Play with Guns – tincanman: There was a quote that if Sandy Hook (20 6&7 yr olds were killed in a school shooting spree) didn’t change American gun laws, nothing would. Which appears to be true.

Steve Miller – Return from Eden – glassarfemptee: Carole recently contributed a Steve Miller track that reminded me how much I love his stuff. Here’s one of my faves, from ‘Recall the beginning…’. Released in 1972, it is also a track for our sad times of bankers and food banks, drowning refugees, Blair, Putin and Trump et al. “To the leaders, who are timeless / As they flaunt their warlike ways / Flying endlessly o’er the wasteland / Seeking praise.”

Loudon Wainwright – I had a Dream – goneforeign: Here’s a topical song, right on the money. No need to say anymore.  https://www.theguardian.com/global/video/2016/oct/08/robert-de-niro-id-like-to-punch-donald-trump-in-the-face-video

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Sounds on Sunday (2) Vysoké Čelo


Today I have a new release for you, sent courtesy of Opus Elefantum, an informal Polish music collective.

On 17th October they are releasing Vysoké Čelo’s debut called Liście na Księżycu (“The Leaves on the Moon”). What makes this material special is the unique way of combining ambient, folk, ’70s electronic and post-rock sounds which they call space folk. It’s full of various emotions and stories, but everything ties in with the concepts of nature and cosmos connecting with each other, which the band try to emphasize in their music. Though it may not sound like post-rock music at first, they assure me that post-rock is heavily represented in their compositions – similar to the music of Stara Rzeka, which is a huge inspiration.

Opus Elefantum have other projects prepared for release in the future involving other members of the collective, but as they are a rather informal group of people, at present they simply have a Youtube channel, Soundcloud channel and Facebook page. Here is the Facebook link for you to read more:

Let me know what you think, and if anyone has come across any other new music they would like to share, please do so in the comments (with a link, if possible).


Tune of the Week #1

It seems to be kinda difficult to keep a challenge going on here these days, but i miss them so i’m going to give it another go.  And i’ll try to make it an easy one as well.  The concept is simple – add a tune to the list that you’ve discovered and liked over the past week and want to share.  It doesn’t have to be a new release at all, it can be an oldie that you’ve discovered, or a tune that you’ve rediscovered, or however else you want to define it.

It’s no Uptown Funk, but given the ugliness of our domestic situation here these days, i like Bruno’s chill flashback to early soul and disco.  Takes me back to high school and college summers on the beach during the day and in the bars and clubs at night.

I realize that Thursday is probably a bad day for a challenge as the topics go up on the other blogs.  Any suggestions as to a better day?  Friday to get through the weekend, Wednesday to not compete with the other regular posts?  Also, this is my first shot at a collab youtube playlist.  I can’t seem to post the collabo link without it showing as a playlist.  Can someone help? Thanks.

RR Movies: Machines, Robots & Computers

As Samsung realise that spontaneously-combusting phones are probably not the way forward and techies are still scratching their heads about why the algorithms dropped the value of the pound so dramatically last week, let’s have a look at films about the technology changing our lives. You may wish to go back to Chaplin’s Modern Times or dash ahead to a Blade Runner dystopia, but I’ll just jump a couple of years into the future with Her, when Siri gets even more personal.

What films about technology would you recommend?