RR Movies: Greed

I could have continued down the list of topics from week 1 but that’s something of an endless quest methinks…

So, following Shoey’s lead, I’ll pick a topic relating to the news*: greed. It doesn’t have to be greed for money – there are plenty of films about greed for power, sex, food and so on – but I’ll kick this off with Scorsese’s amoral romp, The Wolf Of Wall Street. It’s crammed with greedy, grabbing arseholes, but they did seem to have fun.

What films about greed would you recommend?

*A fruit-based company might have to shed less than 1% of its $200bn stash.

Earworms 29 August 2016

36291932 - white baroque sculpture of a man on the roof of a historic building on a background of green dome in vienna, austria

A long and eclectic mix for you this week, starting with a Dropbox link from tincanman. Many thanks for the worms; please keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Peter Broderick – In A Landscape – tincanman – This is just out and will be of interest to the John Cage set among us🙂 Well out of my league, so to paraphrase http://goo.gl/R37zMe a quintessential John Cage composition is the starting point for a new journey by a Portland, Oregon multiinstrumentalist wonder boy.


p8514 – Green Dome Rides Again – glasshalfempty: Nostalgia is a powerful thing. A mate of mine has bought a Moog synth for old time’s sake, and is doing some good stuff with it. Here’s a track from him that has a nice blend of electronica, trip hop and jazz. You can hear more on his Soundcloud page – search for p8514.

FKA Twigs – Good To Love – severin: I was bowled over by 2014’s Two Weeks. This song (released this year) is perhaps, a little more “mainstream” but just as haunting.

Andrew Bird & Fiona Apple – Left Handed Kisses – tincanman: Pair a couple of eccentrics, as on this song from Bird’s latest (Are You Serious), and you’re asking for trouble. Neither the audio nor the official video come close to doing it justice. This does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0QjhPYC-LE (Maybe we should revive light opera for pop artists like this).

Sam Mangwana and Franco – Co-operation – goneforeign: When  François Luambo Luanzo Makiadi – Franco formed his first group back in 1955 he called his band, Tout Puissant Orchestre Kinshasa jazz, this evolved into TPOK Jazz and the name stuck. In 1972 Sam Mangwana joined the band as lead singer, he became hugely popular. In 1982 he and Franco came together again to record this song – ‘Co-operation’, it’s an absolutely wonderful example of Congo Rhumba.

Bickram Ghosh – Carnatic Tabla Taal Aadi Taal – Ravi Raman: Bickram Ghosh is a hugely influential and prolific musician/composer and master percussionist. Here he uses his tabla to play out Aadi Taal*, literally the primary beat, used mainly in Carnatic music. Also he manages to make the tabla sound like the mridangam until towards the end when he lets himself go. Fusion kept within India!
*For those interested there is a small clip on You Tube where Ravi Shankar and Allah Rakha explain the structure of taal.

Motorpsycho – Lacuna / Sunrise – AliM: Motorpsycho are a Norwegian band, “a unique blend of grunge, heavy metal and indierock, as well as incorporating the sonic noise experiments of associated member Deathprod” according to wikipedia. This is from their 2016 album “Here Be Monsters” which evolved from music they wrote for the Oslo Teknisk Museum’s birthday.

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I’m reading, and enjoying, ‘The Road to Little Dribbling”, Bill Bryson’s latest book, it’s a sequel to 1996’s  ‘Notes from a Small Island. I found myself Googling his name and there among the results was his participation in Desert Island Discs, a program that I used to listen to many years ago. Listening got me thinking, which seven titles would I choose were I ever put in that predicament. I could trawl through near 10,000 titles in my iTunes picking ‘possibles’ and then editing that list down to seven, that would take weeks, or I could just pick ’em off the top of my head; I chose the latter. And then I thought this would be an interesting post for the Spill, we have a group of dedicated listeners all with very clearly defined musical tastes, so the question is, were you to be confined to a desert island for the rest of your life, which seven titles would you take with you?

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Tuesday night family tree challenge #12

OK, so it is Wednesday morning, but I was a bit busy yesterday and forgot the challenge.

This week I am once again going for a name that people might not immediately recognise, but if you Google for a picture of her, I am pretty sure that most of you will know who she is.

Anyway, this week, my featured starting point is Claudia Fontaine and here she is performing some lovers rock back in 1981;

There is a playlist here which will hopefully work.


RR Movies: Lies

I’ll continue following Shoey’s train, as I said I would last week*, and ask for films about lies.

My first thought was Festen, in which terrible truths are revealed at a wedding, but that may be more about keeping secrets than telling lies (a bit of nit-picking that also rules out Mike Leigh’s great Secrets And Lies). I considered Compliance, in which an unseen authority figure lies to see how easy it is to humiliate a burger shop employee (answer: all too easy), but have settled on Philomena. It’s the true story of how the Catholic Church in Ireland lied (and continued to lie for decades) about the fate of the babies they took from ‘unwed mothers’. It’s shockingly good.

What films about lies would you recommend?

*Oh, no I didn’t….

Earworms 22 August 2016

42499157 - wasps nest hanging in a tree

Another week begins – thanks to those who enquired about my pussy – NO tittering at the back there – I’m glad to say he is doing quite well, for an elderly chap. You’ve all been doing well too, topping up the earworm bank a bit, so thanks for that too. Please keep ’em coming to earworm@tincanland.com, and I hope these get your week off to a cheerful start. (Is it me, or does that wasp’s nest look like some kind of rotund, bald, koala bear?)

The Monkees – Me and Magdalena (version 2) – severin: If somebody had asked me, at the beginning of the year, to name artists who might make my favourite album of 2016 I would have been stumped. It’s just possible that after tentatively naming Olivia Chaney, Kim Churchill and all the ex members of Katzenjammer (plus a few more Norwegians) I might have sat with my mouth open for a while and finally said “The Monkees” for a bit of a joke. Not a joke any longer. Their new album is certainly in my top three so far this year and this particular song is quite sublime. Two versions of it were recorded. This one is only available on the deluxe edition of the CD – or downloadable on its own of course. If pushed the more acoustic version 1 is even better but frankly it is hard to choose.

Warpaint – New Song – CaroleBristol: Warpaint are headlining the Simple Things Festival in Bristol in October, and they also have a new album due out. This track is a lot more bouncy and poppy than much of their previous music and I think that this works well, but I do love their floaty, shoegazing stuff a lot.

Culture – Behold – goneforeign: This morning I had a serious ear worm, out of nowhere the line “I come quickly” was repeating in my brain. Neither google nor Wiki were helpful though they did give me the biblical source. I kept thinking it was Bob and then out of nowhere the penny dropped, it was Culture. True enough, when I opened iTunes there it was, “Behold”. Good old Joseph Hill. Enjoy. “This world is like a mirror / Reflecting what you do / And if you face it smiling / It will smile right back to you / So do unto others as you would have them do to you / So that your days / Will be many, many years much longer / He said behold, behold, I come quickly”.

Roger Glover feat. Ronnie James Dio: Love Is All – abahachi: Rock stars did some very odd things back in the 1970s, such as recording concept albums based on the children’s poem The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast. If, as I strongly suspect, Deep Purple’s Roger Glover has spent much of his spare time in the last three decades trying to destroy all the evidence, he might be interested to know that Belgian radio still has a copy of this single and plays it regularly.

Willie Dixon – 88 Boogie – Ravi Raman: From a re-issue of a classic blues album and one that I just picked up. Jive blues packed into just over 2:30 minutes.

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Wasp’s Nest – tincanman: Settin’ on a porch version of There’s A Hole In My Bucket with crunchy guitar.

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