Festive ‘Spill, 2016

Radio 1 DJ and pioneering champion of alternative music John Peel (1939 - 2004), March 1972. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Radio 1 DJ and pioneering champion of alternative music John Peel (1939 – 2004), March 1972. (Photo by Len Trievnor/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

For the 9th time, here’s how it works:

– Any members of the RR Community, old & new (Including quitters, splitters & fence sitters), can join in by selecting their 3 favourite songs of 2016 (or very late 2015) & rank them. New songs from the year preferred, rather than a 2016 deluxe reissue from back-in-the-day. In short, our mutated version of John Peel’s famous end of year listener selected favourites.

– Send your secret ballot, along with mp3’s or mp3 links to shoemail@cfl.rr.com. We could Spotify the thing, but historically folks seem to want to lay their hands on some mp3’s. One at time seems to work best if sending mp3 files by e-mail.

Within a few days to a week, you should get confirmation back that your choices are entered. If someone has beaten you to something you can make a replacement pick – vote early to make your 1st picks stick (& help me avoid a last minute Xmas rush).

Once we’re done bouncing e-mails, results will be playlisted on the ‘Spill, sometime(s) before Christmas. Let me know in comments what days & times will work best for most of you. It would be nice to have some shared listening time together – something we’ve gotten worse at in recent years (although it is a busy time of year).

Earworms 28 November 2016

65197135 - funny girl with carnival crown and lips showing her teeth, standing beside chalkboard. keep calm and smile. happy childhood, healthy smile concept.

A slightly wistful and Autumnal selection to chill out to today. In similar vein, here is a new track from Uma and the Wandering Stars, a new London-based alternative band, who recently finished recording their debut EP  Trapped, which was produced by Fraser Smith from Shed Seven, and Mastered by Dick Beetham (Stereophonics, Scissor Sisters, KT Tunstall etc.). This single I Don’t Know “is a haunting mixture of indie/art rock with baroque pop elements.” https://soundcloud.com/umaspage/i-dont-know

Thanks to everyone for the Earworms, please keep them coming in to earworm@tincanland.com. where they will be made most welcome.

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Sounds on Sunday 8

In addition to the Soundcloud playlist above, this week we have an exclusive link to Little India‘s new EP “Neon Jungle“, released on 25 November.  https://soundcloud.com/littleindiaband/sets/neon-jungle

Little India are Conan Karpinski (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Dixon (bass, vocals), Dallyn Hunt (drums) and Tim Morrison (guitar, vocals). Their success unfolded after coming together to play music just three years ago. Their influences are credited to the combination of their South African and Canadian heritages with a strong British influence. Jon Siddall (CBC Music) explains their music as “The Cure meets Talking Heads.” Their success has been driven by their debut EP, Up All Night, resulting in winning both Vancouver’s ‘The Shore 104.3 FM’s Best of BC’ and ‘CFOX’s Seeds Competition’ in 2014, as well as ascending into the top 12 of the 2015 “Peak Performance Project” hosted by The Peak 102.7. The band has reached over three million total streams on Spotify, performed at numerous festivals including Squamish Fest, Canadian Music Week, Rifflandia, and Keloha, and performed as the support act for established bands like Kodaline and Cold War Kids across Canada’s most prestigious venues. Their song ‘Sleep’ has been spun on U.K.’s BBC and BC’s The Zone and The Fox, while ‘Oola’ has received over 50,432 streams on SoundCloud, followed with a music video released on July 21st, 2015.

You can read about today’s other featured artists below. I hope you enjoy this week’s new music, please mention any new sounds you’d like to share in the comments.

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Thirteenth Birthday Singles Chart


I am listening to Lauren Laverne on BBC 6Music and she has Bill Drummond on her Memory Tape feature. His take on this is all about getting older, forgetfulness and the slide into dementia. It follows on from a previous Memory Tape by Hannah Peel, whose selection of music was built around her experiences with dementia, a central theme of her latest album Awake But Always Dreaming

Here is a link to the piece on Lauren’s site –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/39Yr4PgdkljXn1mjFxsmJCC/memory-tapes-november-2016

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Best Music Venues Through The UK

There are some great music venues in the UK, and these include, probably some of the best in the world. The United Kingdom has always been renowned for producing great music and musicians, so it is only fitting that many of the venues there are top of the line and ideally suited for performances.

It’s a tough choice to pick out the best venues, there being so many and all with their own styles and features. Certainly, it is also the question of taste. Some people like classical music, others like club nights with all the other genres in between. However, whatever you’re looking for, the UK is the right place for you to enjoy some memorable moments of your life.

So now we’ll take a look at a selection of the best music events, hopefully including something for everyone.

The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

This list would not be complete without one of the most famous and iconic music venues in the world. The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871, in memory of her late husband, Prince Albert. Since then it has played host to most of the world’s leading artists from many different musical genres.

Every year, nearly 400 events are held at the venue, including opera, ballet, classical, rock and pop concerts. Here, you browse through the full list of upcoming events at Royal Albert Hall. There are also awards ceremonies, charity events, banquets and even film screenings which have a live orchestra. So you can enjoy a great time there.

Annually, since 1941, the hall has also hosted the famous Proms Concerts.

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Tune of the Week #7

The rule is simple for newbies or stragglers – pick a tune you heard this week and want to share, and add it to the playlist.  Could be a new release, discovered or rediscovered oldie, a tune you stumbled across, or what you’re listening to these days.

Add Your Tune Here

Haven’t really listened to anything this week, but i heard this in the Whole Foods Store and it hit the spot.  In fact, i’ve listened to it a few more times since.

RR Movies: Villains

If only there were films (and an RR topic) about lovely white rainbows but no, the news continues to taunt us with the nasty men in, and oozing into, power. The Turkish government’s attempt to legalise child rape seems to have failed but the Donald is gathering his favourite slime around him and the dogma is starting to take shape (Remove any trade arrangement or regulation that may prevent me making money! Fuck the rest of the world!)…..

Villains, then. Plenty of the Bond variety, some seriously bad, some ambiguous, some even comic. Like those in Sightseers: gentle caravanners with a sideline in energetic sex and casual violence.

What villainous films would you recommend?