‘Spill Challenge 24# – Oooh, you are awful . . . but I like you!!

Last week, at SpottedRichard‘s behest, we ran amok in the ‘Spill Library of rules: shouting, giggling, repeating ourselves, grabbing double portions, blowing ink pellets through biro peashooters *, and so on. So this week, I thought I ought to bring back a little order, by returning the Challenge to its original 10pm Tues slot. [Er, nothing to do with the fact you were too tired last night, and have only just got in from work today, then, DsD? – Deadline-nervous Ed.] 

++ahem++ Er, moving swiftly on …

But don’t think I’m being all goody-goody for Teacher: oh no! Let’s own up, we all enjoyed trashing the place just a little last week, didn’t we? And that got me thinking. So here’s this week’s homework:

Find me a song about a wicked, Wicked Person (that’s a Rank Bajin for those north of the border) whom actually, you just can’t bring yourself to condemn.
Despite the obvious criminality, possibly evil intentions, and definitely unreconstructed BADness of their behaviour, you secretly just want to be their friend, to get a little vicarious tingle. Or maybe they’ve got enough cheek to get away with it, or such charisma that you can’t help but forgive them.

Whatever it is, I wanna hear about them. In fact, let’s put together the baddest gang of mean muthaf……. ever to walk through the valley of the shadow of death unafraid.

You won’t be surprised to hear mine, but I’ll reveal that later – bonus ‘Spill points to anyone who guesses it up front.


* OK, maybe not that one.