The All-New ‘Spill Weekly Song Challenge – Week 2

He's seen the I&Os - have you?

Well, here we are again for what might be called Weekly Song Challenge – Week 2 (unless it’s called Challenge 32…can’t decide) and, as you may imagine, I’ve got my entry picked out so here we go.

The format is the same as for the Facebook 30Qs: you choose one song in response to each theme and post it with an appropriate justification and ideally a link. Based on discussions so far, here are the guidelines for how we can make this work as a weekly thing – they are of course open to tweaks and adaptations as we go along:

A new challenge will appear every Tuesday – 10pm became the traditional time for the 30Qs but I’m sure this will be more flexible as stewardship changes hands each week

We take it in turns to set the challenge – whoever wants to set next week’s challenge, make yourself known over the course of the thread. If no-one has volunteered by, say, Friday, the job defaults to whoever posted first. We’re OK for next week – on Tuesday 17th mein host will be Abahachi.

No artist can be duplicated in one week – whoever posts firsts gets to keep their choice. No gratuitous selections of Tom Petty or The Grateful Dead just to piss tfd or Chris off as that would be mean. [But genuine honest selections of TP will be fine with me – tfd.]

However, unlike in the 30Qs, song choices can be repeated in subsequent weeks (though we might want to impose a one-week prohibition following selection – [Edit: of songs, not bands] – as with artists making the RR Top 10) because it’s doubtful anyone’s going to want to keep track of everyone’s choices indefinitely.

Challenge questions don’t have to be as pithily worded as the 30Qs – with so many of the big things in life covered last month, we’re inevitably going to be peeping into the cracks so we can probably afford to be more precise and/or convoluted in our questioning than would have been appropriate for the Facebook masses.

I’ve not set it up so don’t look at me but we can get together a Dropbox folder of choice cuts each week. This worked well with bethnoir’s choice last week – shall we leave it that people put songs in the box on request?

Feel free to add to and alter those rules. Now here’s my decidedly unpithily-worded challenge:

A song by an artist/band you’ve never seen live but wish you could (or wish you had, if they’ve packed it in for any reason, eg death)…