How to get your baby to sleep

Nevermind the lullabies, here’s the WHITE NOISE!

The baby can’t sleep! Quick, blast him with some white noise, confuse that baby brain, it’s like giving horses ketamine!

Babysoothe has ten high quality seamless sound samples that loop, allowing you to layer up the white noise and what’s more it’s portable so the iPhone can go in the cot (or be carried around with the baby draped over a shoulder), and has a timed auto-off feature as well.

Plus points: cheaper than a bar of chocolate, has put Kit to sleep more times than I can remember.

Minus points: the phone is in the cot, the baby has gone to sleep, all is tranquil…then DONG!! you’ve got a text message!! DAMMIT!

Overall: best 59p I’ve ever spent, so good we bought two copies (one for each of our phones)

How far have you had to go to get baby to sleep?