ANOTHER TALE. I’ll tell you another tale, no dogs in this one. 

                                                                                                                                              GUATEMALAN HUIPILE – 1970’s

Quite a few years ago when we were living in LA We visited the LA county museum of Art on Wilshire Blvd, something we did fairly regularly on a Sunday afternoon; as I recall it was about the middle of December. Throughout my travels during my life I’d always been interested in folk textiles, I’d often buy pieces to bring home; in fact on one occasion in the the northern mountain villages of Guatemala one day I bought over $400 worth of hand woven textiles from a peasant Indian woman, a weaver, beautiful fabrics, all of traditional designs, and of course we still have them hanging in the bedroom. Her husband would earn $1 a day picking bananas in season.

I mention this only because the purpose of our visit to the museum was because there was an exhibition of traditional scarves from all over the world, some dating back many hundreds of years. They were from museums all over the world, all identified and dated.

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The Chinese Alternative Music Scene ~ He Said – She Said

" Do you really think we will find a punk band in China Mr P ? "

He Says:

The Big C. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as the country opens, up the music scene has begun to blossom. Shanghai was always a bit of a “show town”, the San Francisco of the east and it’s here that the indie scene really seems to flourish. Still early days, apparently the distribution and manufacturing systems aren’t really geared up for the small, independently produced labels but this appears to be changing and there’s a real wealth of great music coming out of China now.

She Says:

China ! ! !  Of course rock music in its different forms has a very short history in China.  It is really only since about 2000 that rock bands could form and play without state approval.  And it ha been a long and hard road for many of them. It is easy to forget the price paid by some musicians for their art and courage.  Of course we want to celebrate the great things that are happening now, but we also will humbly acknowledge a true hero.

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‘Spillharmonic Records – Update!

There’s no turning back now ‘Spillharmonic Shareholders cos I’ve ordered the sleeves!!

“The Arigato Pak! is a Stumptown Printers original. This unique structure doesn’t require adhesives for assembly, has four spines (approximately 3/16″ thick), and finished dimensions 4 3/4″ square. Made of thick (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard. Ready for your custom silkscreen/stamp/label/stencil artwork. Shipped to you flat with folding instructions”

600 of these beauties are in the post, and I”ve got my eye on a local artist who has been producing some top notch hand-printed art cards of late!

Suggestions for a striking cover image in the comments please!

C is for Conquering Animal Sound

Euan at mini50 records mailed me about a band called Conquering Animal Sound from Edinburgh, so, they’re filling the “c” slot in the A-Z of Scottish Indie. Though I don’t think they sound Scottish – more like a beautiful broketronica Bjork and amazing with it.
Very promising indeed, hopefully I’ll get to see them if I get to the Meursault album launch. The song   “Alice Shoes” is for sharing, and if you go to their myspace here you can hear a song called “Giant” which I think is fab and is going to be on the single that’s about to come out. The other tune on their myspace is “Maschine” which is even better still!

Exile on Sao Paulo Street

Say you’ve got a bit of a band going. You’ve done a couple albums and they’ve sold so-so. The alt-country/blues/rock field is crowded these days. Reviewers say you can sound a bit like mid-70’s Stones, which is great ’cause you loved those albums. So when someone – and we don’t know who; it’s not like minutes were taken – says maybe we should try and sound even a bit more like the Stones, no one puts their hand up and says ”surely you’re taking the Mick.” Someone else, maybe even the same person, says why not have a go at making a record that sounds like a follow up to Exile on Main Street? Or the missing tracks fromwhich thereby?

Now, would you do it?
Woulda ya?
Would ya have a go?
The Deadstring Brothers have, and its called Sao Paulo.
There’s nothing wrong with the album. It’s capably done.
But would you have done it?
Would I?
Well I picked Smile as the representative sample because it’s the shortest song on the album. You’ve got stuff to do. I’ve got stuff to do. We’re all busy.