Andrew Bird tickets! Cheep, cheep…

Doing a Tinnie here. I got two tickets for Andrew Bird for 7.30pm at the Trinity Centre in Bristol on June 6th. Then I discovered he is on in Brighton four days later which is much more convenient for me. So the upshot is, the 2 Bristol tickets are going begging. They were £19.50 each, but no reasonable offer refused. If you want them, say so in the comments, and we’ll work out a way to sort things out thereafter. Should be good – he’s doing the new album.

L2o12 Ticketing Cock-Up

Normally, I’d like to think I’m not one to be taken in by hype. However, in the case of next year’s Games being in my “home” country, I do think I’ve probably fallen for the argument that it’s the proverbial once-in-a-lifetime opportunity etc. As a consequence, I had decided soon after the venue was confirmed that I would just have to take my daughters to London to see at least one event.

And then they announced their cockamamy ticket sales plans . . . truly a WTF moment if ever there was one!!

Having eventually calmed down, I figured, never mind: it’s gotta be done. So, in spite of my distaste at the STUPID system they put in place to buy them, I put in for over £350-worth of tickets across four events in three locations.

As the allocation, and more importantly, the LACK of information about same didn’t emerge, I got more and more angry. I have to say, the words “piss-up” and “brewery” are increasingly lodged in my brain over this, and the level of officialdom defiance in the face of overwhelming evidence of incompetence makes Cnut look like a wimp.

Well, finally, some information is getting out. Am I happy? Am I f***! I’m sure the UK residents amongst you will have seen the stats last week: 1.9million applied for 20million tickets – only 700,000 got anything. A fair system? MY ARSE!! Just look at the profiteers who already seem to have more tickets than they can shake a stick at. The 1.2million unsuccessful applicants get a second shot at the end of this week, using a different, and EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS application process. Pound gets you a penny, the system crashes by 0605hrs Friday morning.

Well, I won’t be getting up to join that exercise in futility . . . because I’m not allowed to!!!! Why not? Because I got an email “congratulating” me on securing my tickets … to the Women’s Football Bronze Medal playoff game . . . in Coventry.  Oh, and of course, they haven’t told me those are the tickets I’ve got: I had to work that out for myself from the amount of money taken from my account.


 Now don’t get me wrong, I did put in for those tickets, but in truth, only as a kind of ‘control’ purchase: that event was never gonna sell out in a million years, so I figured I’d get a feel for what was happening in my [COMPULSORY] Visa account when I saw the money for that disappear – a full sixteen months before the event, let’s not forget. Had I known getting those would deny me a second go at getting anything else, I wouldn’t have done it. DarceysSis is at the age where going to London to see part of the Games next year was causing almost as much excitement as our Disney trip a couple of years back. If I could have got hold of Seb Coe (preferably by the throat) when I had to explain to tearful Daughter#1 that we won’t be going to London to see anything next year, I’d have throttled the git!!

Has anyone else looked at the spreadsheet of what tickets are left? It’s a joke. How many ten and six-year old girls will want to sit through Basketball preliminaries, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Synchronised Swimming or the Walking Race? And that’s now. By the time I get my next go, most of those tickets will have been snapped up by the scrambling desperate parents who got NOTHING in Rd1.

And another thing: talking of parents – the scheme for under-16s to “pay your age” for a ticket sounded good, didn’t it? Yeah, in theory. Having asked around, I cannot find even ONE successful child-price ticket purchase ANYWHERE! NOT BLOODY ONE! The next official from the BOA-or-whoever who tries to tell me that the allocation ballot was random and fair will be roundly laughed at … just before I punch their lights out. Unless of course, any of you lot tell me you’ve secured finals/medal-ceremony tickets for a fiver for your infants? No? Thought not. 

So, apart from having a rant, why am I posting this? Well, I want to know: is any ‘Spiller planning on going to the Games? Did you get tickets? How are you thinking of organizing your travel and accommodation? . . . And . . . does anyone want to come to the Women’s Football Bronze Medal playoff match with me in Coventry on 9th Aug? I’ve got three spares ………………………..