Boob Tube

Hope the player works.

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
Beastie Boys – Ch-ch-check It Out
Clash – I’m So Bored With the USA
Dead Kennedys – MTV Get Off The Air
Public Enemy – Burn Hollywood Burn
Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Police – When the World Is Running Down
Green Day – Longview
Blink 182 – TV
REM – Bad Day
Blur – Coffee and TV
Blondie – Fade Away and Radiate

(nothing you haven’t heard before, Shoey)

No Themes, Just TV.

Alias – Kill My Television
Tarwater – TV Blood
Fol Chen – Cable TV
Death Cab For Cutie – Portable Television
Halou – Tube Fed

Radiators (From Space) – TV Screen
Butthole Surfers – TV Star
Peggy Sue & The Pirates – Television
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Colour Television
Crisis – On TV

Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite [Tom Tyler Rmx]
Tobacco – TV All Greasy
D M Stith – In My Dreams, I Watch TV [Braid of Voices Rmx by Ensemble]
Linval Thompson – Channel One Dub
Invaders Of The Heart – Everyman’s An Island

Topics needed. Apply within.

There has been a fair bit of angst about broad and duplicative topics like ‘Animals’ (we’ve already had Birds, Insects, Mammals, fer chrissake). Toffeeboy says “Sorry to sound grumpy but, seriously, this must be the most ill-judged topic of all time?” and suggests ‘songs about people’ for next week!

Not everyone agrees that this week’s topic is too broad and overlapping. Beltwaybandit comments:

“Jon Dennis, you must be a work-a-holic. I mean, in the past we’ve had mammals, birds, insects etc – you could have given yourself an easy week with reptiles or mollusks or something – but no, you’ve blown the whole thing open with a massive topic – good on you sire!”

While Tinnie thinks the fault is in the ear of the beholder:

” ‘A carelessly over broad topic has led to nearly 700 posts’ 
You sure about that fintan (and others)? Bet if you asked yourself if the subject or focus of each song was really an animal, you’d find it a fairly tight topic. He didn’t ask for songs with animals. Rubric stretching, not Jon, has taken this from 300 or so to 700. Some great songs, mind!”

**EDIT** And here’s what the Guru himself had to say:

I make no apology for “animals” being a broad brief. Some topics are broader than others. If there are lots of songs nominated, great. It gives me more chance of making a good playlist.

And it always amuses me that no matter how clear I think the rubrick is, some of you always try to stretch it in unpredictable directions!

But I wonder if Jon is struggling to find genuinely new topics? So we could help him out perhaps?

To get us started, Suzi, on RR a couple of weeks ago, said:

“Can I make a few suggestions for future themes?
29th April is very, very obvious for a Weddings theme. (We’ve had Marriage as a theme and a lot of songs about weddings were suggested, but Maddy decided to concentrate on the married state rather than the nuptials, so there are plenty of possibles for this one. And as most of the ones I can think of are cynical, sceptical, or downright hostile, thsi should please republicans and royalists alike. (Not telling you my personal favourites now!) So please, please let’s have this one1
Obsessive love Plenty of scope there
Gambling and Games of Chance We’ve had Luck, which occasioned mass nomming and quoting of a certain song, but again the final list was more about luck in general. 
Aquatic Animals There’s been lists for Mammals, Birds, and Insects, so this covers most of what’s left, except non-aquatic repiiles.. Or you could have a separate Repitles list perhaps.”

Shame JD didn’t read this before going for ‘Animals’ – tho’ I would hope next week’s topic would be ‘Republican songs’!

Rockin’ Mitch added

“Taking up what Suzi said, before I started taking part on a regular basis, there was a theme of “Fashion”. How about “Clothes” as a subject which could be broader than just fashion? I’m sure Hadley Freeman would be pleased if we did that!”

Chris 7572 chimed in

“@suzi, Mitch: it appears to be a complete waste of time suggesting new topics. I’ve tried on many an occasion, in ways both subtle and blatant, to no effect. I’d just be happy if we got a topic that wasn’t a gnat’s whisker away from several we’ve had before.”

However, in my experience, suggested topics do get picked up sometimes – e.g. handclaps. So lets use this thread to build up some ideas, and we can draw Jon’s attention to it.

A few suggestions of my own:
• Songs with whistling
• Songs with gaps (you know, those ones that end, then after a few seconds of silence start up again)
• Songs featuring particular instruments, e.g. sax, harmonica

Let’s have some more ideas…