A while ago I started posting some of the albums from the 70’s that I’d particularly enjoyed back then but hadn’t played in years, terminal apathy set in and I let the idea fizzle. I recall creating a mental list that was too long to include here but it included Traffic, Van Morrison, Floyd, CSN plus many more, that was a wonderful period for new releases by major groups. There was one very memorable album that I liked a lot but it doesn’t get any airplay or mention anymore, that was Tommy by The Who, I first heard it in Suffolk when it was released and I played it obsessively everyday that summer; I was teaching at a California university then and had delusions of including it into the curriculum on my return and teaching the course on Tommy, that’s how much impact it had. Does anyone else out there share my enthusiasm or had it faded into obscurity by the time most Spillers were up and about? Rather than go into detail about the album I’ll refer you to Wiki, they have a decent page on it:
Plus there’s a piece here [Tommy text] from a 1968 Rolling Stone interview with Pete Townshend, [he basically wrote the whole thing] where he talks about how Tommy came into being and how it evolved. In 1975 it was produced as a film which was directed by Ken Russell, I can’t stomach anything made by him, I walked out after about 15 minutes. I did likewise for his film ‘Mahler’. I’m posting Tommy in 4 parts, one for each side of a double vinyl album, in total it runs 72 mins, if you’re a believer in earworms it’s worth it.

side 1.

side 2.

side 3.

side 4.

It’s like a bloody Zoo around here ………

OK, so I am taking the whole “Animals” concept quite loosely here, but I decided to limit myself to songs that referred to an animal or animals in the title.

I could have chosen many more, but these will all do quite nicely, I think.

I’ve not been posting much recently, pressures of work and life in general, but hopefully I am back now.

Anyway, the tunes;

01 God’s Monkey – Fripp/Sylvian
02 Kangaroo – This Mortal Coil
03 Animal Zoo – Spirit
04 Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
05 All The King’s Horses – Robert Plant
06 Groundhog – The Groundhogs
07 Tigermoth – Steve Hackett
08 Constipated Duck – Jeff Beck
09 Last Lonely Eagle – NRPS
10 Bird – Dead Can Dance
11 Boris The Spider – The Who
12 One Way Donkey Ride – Sandy Denny

The Time Has Come……

….The Walrus Said.

And speaking of many things, we have Cabbages and Kings, except there are no cabbages but we do have some Queens to go with the Kings.

Stretching the point a bit, because we open with Led Zeppelin’s mighty Achilles’ Last Stand. Perhaps Achilles wasn’t really royalty, but he is described as the King of the Myrmidons in The Iliad.

Mind you, the rest of the motley assortment of characters are pretty lacking in regal majesty, beauty queens, high-fashion queens, one-eyed people and various other weirdoes.

OK, so maybe they aren’t that different from most royal families after all!

Track listing

Led Zeppelin – Achilles’ Last Stand
Kate Bush – King Of The Mountain
Roxy Music – Beauty Queen
Camel – Mystic Queen
Steely Dan – Kings
Robert Plant – All The King’s Horses
Nektar – King Of Twilight
Rick Wakeman – Excerpts from The six wives of Henry VIII
Dead Can Dance – In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-eyed Are Kings
The Who – The Acid Queen
Fairport Convention – Fotheringay
The Flying Burrito Brothers – High Fashion Queen

The Rick Wakeman “Six Wives” stuff is from the Yessongs live album and Fotheringay is from the Fairports’ Live At Cropredy 2008 album.