Playlist pairs- techno commute

A GU article on German “acoustic techno” group Brandt Brauer Frick reminds me of the beautifully hand drawn video for their track Caffeine… there’s a section in the middle which I think refers to Jaco Pastorius’ Okonkole Y Trompa, so I’ll pair them off for the put-upon commuters among you.

Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano is a classically trained pianist whose recent collaborations with Murcof and Carl Craig create fascinating soundscapes. His latest release, Idiosynkrasia, is an intriguing blend of the melodic and the rhythmic, far more sophisticated than the usual accompanist-meets-beats production. Tristano understands how to integrate the sound of his acoustic piano into an electronic environment, and yet still retains enough pure harmonic sense to keep the music compositionally compelling.

Here’s the title track from Tristano’s Soundcloud site.

Hope you all had a restful and enjoyable christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!