The Mad Hatter v the Tea Party

Illustration by John Tenniel

I wasn’t going to say any more about this, because it’s not my country and perhaps it’s not my business. (But my son and his family live there!) I have spent the weekend arguing with various Tea Party supporters and I have been genuinely shocked by the depth of their ignorance and intolerance and yes, their hatred of anything that doesn’t fit in with their crazy worldview. And I have been disgusted by the way they express themselves. They have filled the TP&TH Facebook page with their loathsome rantings for the last two weeks, just because TP served Michele Bachmann with a ‘cease and desist’ order for using American Girl without permission on a TV programme supporting her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Guardian mostly makes a joke of them. But what I’d like to ask American friends on here is: are they for real? Do they really have wide support? Are there people in the US who will vote for them, without sharing their ideology, just to get rid of Obama?

I’m skeered – are you boys skeered?