New Fleet Foxes!

If I remember rightly, The ‘Spill massive isn’t completely won over by the Fleet Foxes. I wouldn’t normally ‘buke, but in this case, well, you’re just plain wrong.

They’re one of the few bands I’ve fallen in love with from literally the first note I heard. In an age of music overload, mp3s and short attention spans, I listened to their first album regularly and reverently, just like the old days. I used to play it when Innis was a baby: she was pretty much guaranteed to be asleep by the end of White Winter Hymnal . I’d usually sit in the rocking chair in the dark and listen to the rest of the album.

Anyway, they’ve got a new record out, and I love it already:

You can download it free from their website,

Oh, shall we have one more song while we’re at it? I think Mykonos may be their finest moment.