New Brett Anderson “Brittle Heart”

It’s always good to keep an eye on what Mr Anderson is up to, and after a couple of albums of slow piano musings, we’re back to a bit of the old rock, and it’s pretty good on the second listen. Eagle eyed ‘Spillers can spot a. Akiko from Comanechi/The Big Pink and b. That Didz geezer from The Cooper Temple Clause (remember them?!). In other news Brett has gotten married is now married has gotten married, thus breaking Mrs McFlah’s heart (“A piece of me has died” she quoth “I’m like Tinkerbell, with her little light fading away and going out. Sob!”)

Six Minutes A Month – May 1992

As we continue the tracking of the evolution of indie via the teenage lifeline of The Chart Show’s Indie Chart (on a 19 year delay system) we now reach the chart from the Springtime of 1992 – and watch the first seedlings of Britpop appearing amongst the shoegaze sunflowers and workmanlike indie shrubbery.

Yes! It’s Suede and their debut single “The Drowners” that really brightens up an otherwise quite dull chart. Glamour! Hair! Sex! Swoon!! This was their first terrestrial appearance on TV and I guess would be the first time that most of the UK indie kids saw Brett and co shake their money.

Shoegaze also-rans Adorable bring up the rear at number 10, a band that had a couple of really good songs to their name, but who I think appeared on the scene a bit too late. St Etienne are kicking about with “Join Our Club”  a single that bridged their first and second LPs, at number two.

Number one are The Levellers with their second best known song “15 Years”. I never really identified with the whole Crusty scene, probably because I’d twigged that not washing your hair and pretending to be a gypsy wouldn’t get you a shag (at least not from the kind of girls I was chasing about the place) and also probably because the Manics had slagged the Levellers off in the music press.