Spill Awards 2012

You are cordially invited to join us for this year’s Spill Awards this evening at 8 pm GMT at the secret RR Conspiracy Base on the Moon. Yknow, where we hatch all the sinister plans to determine who gets picked for the Playlist for our own sinister ends. The Bavarian Illuminati got nuthin’ on us…


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The Spill Awards 2012, Round 2: Vote! Vote! Vote!

Many thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this year’s Spill Awards: you’ll be delighted to hear that we remain as bizarrely eclectic and disparate as ever – over 100 different albums nominated for Album of the Year, for example, so that the shortlist consists, as has become traditional, of all the records that two people (and very occasionally three!) mentioned – and with the usual minimal overlap with end-of-year lists in the mainstream music press. We now come to the next stage, the voting. Full instructions below – but first, an announcement about the award ceremony.

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The Spill Awards 2012

Why haven’t I been nominated for a Spill Award this year?

Okay, I’m going to interpret two “sorry too busy” and one “it wouldn’t be the same without you” comments as a ringing endorsement of my stewardship of the annual Spill Awards, and put my mind to thinking of a way to top last year’s live blog of the award ceremony. I suppose we could do it on Twitter… If anyone has any thoughts, let me know; meanwhile, it’s time to open nominations.  Here’s how it works… Continue reading