He Said – She Said Special Cross Cultural Edition – Typically English – Typically Japanese ! ! !

 If he chooses a track about octopus's . .  I will kill him ! ! !

If he chooses a track about octopuses . . I will kill him ! ! !

sakura 1Welcome to the special Cross Cultural Edition of He Said – She Said ! ! !  This time we decided to show what we think is typical of the music from each other’s counties ! ! !  So I will be picking typically English tracks and Mr P will be picking typically Japanese tracks ! ! !

We think it will be fun and hope you like the post ! ! !

Mr P-1This time we have chosen to visit each other’s musical heritage in a fantastic cross cultural exchange type of a thing. I think it’s interesting to see how others see us, through the medium of music. We have chosen one contemporary  track, one oldie and one traditional.  We hope you enjoy the tracks.

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The Current State of UK Rock

The latest lineup of Guildford punk band Hearts Under Fire

The latest lineup of Guildford punk band Hearts Under Fire

So here it is. After nearly a year of the Guardian running ‘is rock music dead?’ stories and readers’ polls to find Britain’s best band with results that make me weep for humanity, this punk fan is finally hitting back. I could go on a rant about major media outlets refusing to interview The King Blues because they were ‘too political’, I could talk about the Guardian beginning their pattern of dismissing UK rock last year with a story on the death of guitar music a few days before Sheffield metalcore torchbearers Bring Me The Horizon released their critically-acclaimed and commercially-successful third album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret… but I won’t. Instead, I’ll introduce you to some of the UK’s leading lights and rising stars, and let you judge them for yourselves. Please note that this list is selective: I don’t listen to much metal, and wouldn’t feel qualified to talk about it, so I’ll mostly be focusing on punk, pop-punk, emo and post-hardcore. Maybe Chinny would do a piece on modern British metal? (hint, hint…)

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The metaphorical cat is away, so…..



My partner in crime is, as I’m sure you know, away at the moment besporting herself on sunny beaches on a beautiful sub-tropical island.

I’m not, I’m stuck in the hills in the rain and murk ( as usual) with only a few straggly sheep and rustics for company.

So I thought I’d take some time and scribble some screed concerning a band I have grown to love over the past few months and which, I think, briefly reignited the “true Olmpyian flame of Punk”. Until they fell apart , of course, bickering and burned out
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Japanese Punk – He Said – She Said

Sakura and Mr P debate Japanese Punk!!!

Japan is a country where Punk is very popular and vibrant punk scene exists with many clubs hosting Punk concerts and you can see new bands and some of the old bands every weekend in here in Tokyo and the major cities.

Pairubu and I wanted to share some of our favourite Japanese punk tracks with you and so we decided to produce this joint post. We will follow a He said – She said  format.  So there will be a track from each of us with a brief discussion of the track by the person who chose it and also each of us also commenting on the other’s selection.

Pairubu – Bolshie – Robot in Hospital

He said

This is the earliest example on offer, from ( I think) 1979 and very much “of it’s time”. I would, perhaps, class this as “post punk” in that it has the elements that went on to , more or less, define that genre. The bass is prominent and the guitar used as much as “decoration” as to drive the song. I’m not totally sure but it sounds like this is a live recording which is pretty good for the time. And it’s got robots. What more do you want?

She said

This was recorded live in January 21 1979 at Shinjuku Reich as part of the Tokyo Rockers Second Generation event but I can not  find out anything about the band at all.  I love this track, I thought it was really direct and simple and accessible and it is the type of track you know will have everyone in the room jumping up and down ! ! !

Sakura – Gauze – Kao O Aratte Denaoshite Koi  (Go and wash your face then come back)

She said

I like Gauze very much as they are what I think of as typical punk.  They are a great old time punk band that formed in 1981 and are still playing and making records ! ! ! This song is from 1997 and was released as a 12 inch single.  It is just so energetic ! ! !  They just make you want to shout along and punch in the air when they say “Kao O Aratte –  – Denaoshite Koi ! ! ! ”  It is just so much fun I think so ! ! !

He said

I’d class this under “hardcore”, it’s a bit “heavier” and more serious in delivery than some of the others ( and none the worse for that). A definite “shout along with” number.

Pairubu – The Glash- I’ve got a gun (ch3)

He said

An interesting one this. I’ve read, on the web, that they were a “joke” band but , to me, they have managed, perhaps inadvertently, to capture the true “spirit of 76” better than any of the others here. There is a level of D.I.Y incompetence and a “let’s put on the show right here” element that really speaks to me. I saw loads of bands who played music just like this BITD and still recall fondly that time of spit, safety pins, amphetamines and noise.

She said

This is a track from self made EP – Natural Born Punks and was released in 1993.  This is a very rare record actually.  It is actually completely home made as it was recorded in the band house and released on their own label.  I think it is unfair to call them a joke band, they were simply enthusiastic amateurs and friends who put out their own record.  I like it very much and it really is the spirit of punk ! ! !

Sakura – Stance Punks – Kuroi būtsu  (Black Boots)

She said

How can you have a post about Japanese punk and not have the Blue Hearts?  Well you just have Stance Punks instead ! ! !  This band were formed in 1999 and are really very influenced by the Blue Hearts and have a very similar style.  I like this track as it is not so raw as Mr P choices but it is not overproduced.   I am sure you also thought it was going to be a version of  “My Way” when you heard the first few minutes ! ! !   I like punk when it is not too serious and this is a fun track about one of the typical punk items of clothing, Black Boots, and how much pleasure they give the owner ! ! !

He said

The Blue Hearts influence runs deep here ( even down to the singers actions) which is not a bad thing, if you’re going to “pay tribute” to a band why not go for one of the greats. I shall be looking out for more by this band.

Pairubu – Booted Cocks- For oneself.   (Second version as requested by SpottedRichard)

He Said

A marvelous piece of “oiness” from one of the better known bands ( outside of Japan). They even, I believe, had some stuff released over here. This one interests me because of it’s “simple complexity”. It’s changes in pace and feel are quite “prog” ( for a punk band) . It’s like jigsaw, a big, noisy jigsaw put together by shouty me ( and one lady). It is, I feel , pretty irrisistable in it’s martial glory. Like being stamped on by size 10 Doc Martens but musically.

She said

I do not know very much about this band  but the track is from the 2004 début album For Oneself.   I like the keyboard in this track as I think it fills the arrangement up and makes it more sophisticated somehow.  I also think there is like a Celtic influence in this track that I like very much.  I think it just drives along and makes you want to shout OI!

Sakura  – The Discocks  – Long Live Oi!

She said

I am sure you were all singing  “One two three – I love Oi”  before the end of the track ! ! !  The Discocks are one my favourite punk bands.  They formed in 1992 but split in 1998 but reformed with a different line up in 2003.  This track is from 1997 EP Knock Out and so is the original band.  I think this track is has great energy and is a lot of fun.  When ever I hear this track I can not stop sing along with it ! ! !

He said

What a lot of cocks there are in the Japanese punk scene ! Discocks, Booted Cocks even Cockney Cocks ! You can’t go wrong with the Discocks, You know exactly what you are going to get. Basic, shouty “Oi” with bundles of attitude.

We Say

Can we ask you to pause for a moment and gape in wide eyed wonder at just what this post represents. At no other time in the history of mankind would it have been possible for someone in Tokyo and someone in a tumbledown shack in Gloucestershire to have cooperated in this way. Isn’t the Internet the most awesome of things ?

We would both like to thank you very much for reading the post and we hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting.

Unlikeliest TV performance ever..?

I’ve already posted a link for this on the mothership, but I’m still bemused so here it is again.
THE BAND: Antiseen – a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Once described as “Motorhead heavy, bastard nasty” and I’m not going to argue. The founders of “destructo rock”, ending their early gigs in an orgy of destruction that would scare Pete Townshend. Singer Jeff Clayton still regularly cuts his head open with barbed wire on stage. Well known songs include Destroy Them All, Fuck All Y’all, and Self Induced Lobotomy
THE SONG Latest single Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match, celebrating a particulary dangerous wrestling tournament held in Japan, that according to the lyrics involved “burning lacerations” and “the smell of burning flesh”.
THE TV PROGRAMME A cable show called Chic-A-Go-Go that’s target (and studio)audience appears to be mainly 7 year olds!

I particularly like the way the presenter and Jeff Clayton between them manage to somehow spin Antiseen into being a positive role model for the kids! That and the little kid dancing next to the drummer!
Antiseen once collaborated with G.G.Allin…

Rebellion Festival Day 1 – Thursday

Punk’s not dead, but it is getting on a bit and these days the highlight of its year is an annual seaside holiday. This started out as the brainchild of promoter Daz Russell with the Holidays In The Sun festival in 1996 which took over a corner of the Winter Gardens for 3 days to the bemusement of locals. It then shifted to Morecambe for a few years, changed its name to Wasted, returned to Blackpool, expanded to 4 days, took over the whole of the Winter Gardens, and eventually changed its name to Rebellion (that sound is me grinding my teeth with embarrassment). To quote one longstanding punk artist “I’m not sure that’s the best name for it – blokes in their 40s thinking: I won’t tell the wife I haven’t mowed the lawn”. He has a point.
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