The He Said – She Said Summer Love Lists ! ! ! 

I can not see anything in your eye Ms S

I am sorry Ms S – I can not see anything at all in your eye . . .

sakura 1This week thought we would dedicate to love ! ! !  Summer is such a romantic season ! ! !    So the to help you enjoy the romance of summer the He Said – She Said  Spiller Romance Enhancement Special Operations Team have made you two playlists to help you get into the mood for love ! ! !  One playlist is Western tracks and the other one is Japanese tracks.  We hope you like them ! ! !

spikeI tried, with my choices, to give a little “selection box” showing some of the different “flavours” of love ( marzipan  ! Ugh !). Love is such a difficult thing to pin down, there are all sorts of different kinds. Love of a lover, love of a child or parent, love of beer or money….mostly beer, I come to think of’s some songs about it. Continue reading

He Said – She Said ~ We Love – Goose House ! ! !

Goose House

She Says:  

Are Goose House a group  or a musicians collective?  We do not really know and actually we do not care because Goose House are FUN ! ! !  In this special edition of He Said – She Said we want to share our enthusiasm for this wonderful group of young musicians who have taken a very different path to success and on the way have had a lot of fun and shared the fun with many thousands of people.

He Says:

A little bit difficult for me to write about this band as I only came across them a few weeks ago in relation to the Yui tribute album ( see Sakura’s previous post). However I’ve been playing their songs and videos and find them very enjoyable. This post, I think, illustrates two things about the Japanese music scene at the moment.
1. There’s still room for “bedroom” musicians.
2. It’s pretty much self contained. Goose House could cover “Teen Spirit” or other Western rock songs but they choose J-pop instead. They don’t need us.

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He Said – She Said – Our Current Favourites ! ! !

Read this post or we shoot the puppy ! ! !

She Says:

We wanted to make a post to share some of the tracks we are listening to just now.  Of course when it is Mr P and I, you know there will some surprises and also some artists  you can probably predict.  We had a lot of fun writing it and we hope you enjoy the post ! ! !

He says:

This week we have chosen some of our favourite “up to the minute” ( more or less) artists to share with you. We hope these give a little taster of what we cool, trendy young folks listen to when drinking our Horlicks. I hope you enjoy them.
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