Bends For 5904 Miles II – The Wilderness Years

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From the producer, writer and star of the successful 30 Minutes Over Tokyo series … the award-winning team who brought you the hugely popular Bends For 5904 Miles … and two-eighths of the epic ‘Spillcast …

They were 2 young men thrown together by an administrator’s blunder (probably) and bonded over a shared love of Britpop, obscure indie and alcohol. But the fates that drew them together eventually pushed them apart. Now, see listen to them try to explain to each other what’s happened to their respective record collections in the time they’ve been apart.

You’ll laugh*

You’ll cry**

You’ll frown at the esoteric indie references***

It’s Bends For 5904 Miles II – The Wilderness Years!

In this podcast we pick up from where our first podcast ended and discuss our musical tastes during the time since we last went gigging together – the wilderness years.


Podcast II – part 1
Podcast II – part 2

* We laugh, you might not
** You won’t cry

*** You will.