Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Feminist Icon ? ? ?

Moon Prism Power - Make Up ! ! !

Solider of Love and Justice – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Sorry Spiller Guys, this post is about feminism, but I hope you will read it also.

Feminism is about empowering women, equality and social justice . . . so why is it so unpopular with young women and girls ? ? ?  Most girls I know either deny they are feminists or are embarrassed to admit it.  Why on earth should this be so ? ? ?  What is wrong with feminism ? ? ?

A new series of Sailor Moon has started in Japan and it has caused a lot of debate about the nature and role of this manga ( and later anime series ) People seem divided equally between those who think that Sailor Moon is an icon of feminist literature and those who think the complete opposite. Continue reading

The He Said – She Said Summer Love Lists ! ! ! 

I can not see anything in your eye Ms S

I am sorry Ms S – I can not see anything at all in your eye . . .

sakura 1This week thought we would dedicate to love ! ! !  Summer is such a romantic season ! ! !    So the to help you enjoy the romance of summer the He Said – She Said  Spiller Romance Enhancement Special Operations Team have made you two playlists to help you get into the mood for love ! ! !  One playlist is Western tracks and the other one is Japanese tracks.  We hope you like them ! ! !

spikeI tried, with my choices, to give a little “selection box” showing some of the different “flavours” of love ( marzipan  ! Ugh !). Love is such a difficult thing to pin down, there are all sorts of different kinds. Love of a lover, love of a child or parent, love of beer or money….mostly beer, I come to think of’s some songs about it. Continue reading

He Said – She Said ~ Singer Songwriters – Not Just A Girl And A Guitar ! ! !


These girls are not just a girl and a guitar Ms S ! ! !
Mr P ! ! ! They are not just anything ! ! !


She Says:

Now is a really great time in Japan for singer songwriters.  They are working in a really great variety of styles and genres and in this post we want to introduce you to some of the girls who are making great music and writing fantastic songs.  We think you will enjoy them –  they are all much more than just a girl and guitar ! ! !

100x80 soike

He Says:

I think that we in the West sometimes get the impression that Oriental women are somewhat downtrodden and subservient. Whilst there may be an element of truth there I think things are changing in the East and women are becoming more prominent in the world of business, media , teaching etc. Especially notable is the number of Japanese music artistes who are not only performing, as they did in the past, but also writing their own material. Here are a few of our favourites. We hope you enjoy them.

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He Said ~ She Said – We Speak Engrish ! ! !

But Mr P ! ! ! I told you the Takushii Driba did not speak Engrish ! ! !

♪   ♫    ♪

Engrish is so lomantic ! ! !

She Says:

Japanese borrows words from everywhere ! ! ! We  have stolen words from Chinese, Portuguese and of course English and made them part of our language.  We also learn English at school, so of course we can not resit showing of our English skills in our songs.   Putting some English into a song can make it sound cool to Asian people but singing in a second language can be dangerous ! ! !  But these tracks all feature English and we really love love them.  We hope you do too !  ! !

Speak Engrish punk!!!

He Says:

Herro Evelyblody ! I found this topic a little traumatic. I’d hate anyone to think that I was being anything other than totally affectionate and supportive towards the musicians here who bravely, nay, courageously, take English words and mangle them into submission in the cause of being totally hip and cool and stuff. I suppose it’s no surprise, really, “rock” is pretty much and American/English invention. Anyway, here’s some tunes we love and hope you do to. Doomu Aligatto for listening

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