i Build Collapsible Mountains

Forgive me, Blimpy, but as not too many of us commented on your last post about this lot, I figure I’d do this rather than just add a comment there. But to remind everyone, here’s (hopefully) a quick link back down the page to the Thistle Do Nicely thread.

I liked the song Blimpy put up (above), and consequently bought one of the fifty-only copies of A Month Of Lost Memories.


I’m not going to post up any more music from them for free, because what I have now noticed is that the download of their ‘proper’ album is now available, for only a fiver. The last time I did a post like this was for Fanfarlo’s album; download available for a quid. Lots of Spillers (Bless you all!) did get that album, and gave me quite a warm glow for actually being the introducer for once! But I digress. Anyhoo, with respect to the Fanfarlos – I still like and play stuff from that – I’d say from the evidence on my disc, ANY format of the iBCM will be even better VFM, even at five times the cost.


Go on, let’s see if we can have them sell out those fifty just to us!