Hot & Steamy in The Deep Dark Woods

Yeah, that’s two coffees and a tea you see being supped in a Manchester City Centre pub by the Tins and my rather pasty-looking self. Incongruous, you say? Um, probably not, actually … or at least, no more odd than some of the other memories I came away with from The Castle Hotel last week.

In the credit column were racking up another miniSocial and chinwagging with old friends; meeting our charming and erudite Resident Deadhead; enjoying a single rather delightful pint of porter before reverting to driver’s drinks; and getting to see a very good band I’ve been listening to A LOT recently. On the debit side, getting ripped off for on-street parking even in the evening; being oven-baked in one of the most inappropriate rooms I’ve ever had the misfortune to see a band in; and finding a dent in my car roof after the event (good job the dealer I’m trading it to next week missed that on inspection!). I really don’t like Manchester – you can tell, can’t you?

But anyhoo, The Deep Dark Woods.
Despite observations from some of the others that their music may be a little one-paced and samey, I’m really warming to this band. Ryan Boldt has a voice that commands my attention – he can do wistful or gothic, melancholy or menacing – and from even a low-rise stage, a physical prescence to go with it. The seam of Americana the band mine is one they can trade with me anytime.

When I get the chance, I’m going to listen to Tinny’s linked interview, but in the meantime, here’s just one of the highlights from the album the band are currently tour-promoting.

Chester Mini-Social Details

OK, as my brother, who even our dad calls ‘Gunner’ Clayton – “he’s always Gunner do this and Gunner do that”, but never actually DOES do things – has let us down in terms of organizing Tuesday night’s venue, I’m imposing a meeting place on us:

The Falcon pub, Lower Bridge Street, Chester. Tuesday 4th January 2011, 1830-1900hrs meetup.,_Chester

There is nothing arranged for food, and I haven’t been in the Falcon for over a quarter of a century, so we may well move on during the evening.

I think you all have my mobile number, but if not, just ask in the comments below, and I’ll make sure you get it in advance.

Hope to see more of you there than just me, Maki, webcore, Tin and DaddyPig. Apologies for non-attendance already received from AliM, williamsbach and gordonimmel.
Awaiting responses from chinhealer, exodus and gremlinfc in particular, but you all know the score; the more, the merrier.


No Deception Intended !!

SatanKidneyPie, a labelled disc of RRtunes, DarceysDad

For steenbeck, a picture of the mini-social. For tincanman, pictorial proof that we fulfilled his requirements to be allowed to call it a “mini-social”. For SKP, my thanks for a very pleasant evening, and an advance apology for the gratuitous, erroneous, and probably libellous innuendo that follows –

So let’s see, the RR topic this week is ‘Deception’, and DsD posts a thread featuring a picture of some footballers and a lawyer! Hmmmmm …

I’m off to bed now, but as I have posted, and haven’t done a ‘Spill Playlist for a while, I will return to this thread later to add some deceptively good tunes, IMNSHO!

Just these for now …

500 Miles To Memphis – Don’t Mislead
The Zutons – Put A Little Aside
WGC – The Great Deceiver
2 Tribes – What Do They Want From Us?