He Said She Said – Music From The Capital Of Cool – Shibuya Kei

Mr P – Are you sure we are cool enough for Shibuya ? ? ?

She Says:

Tokyo, like all cities has many neighbourhoods and  each has it’s own style and character.  Of all the neighbourhoods in this vast and crazy city Shibuya is . . . .  well Shibuya.  It is young, hip, loud, crowded, bright, fun and high energy.  There is nowhere else like it and you either love it or hate it.   Shibuya is  Asia’s capital of cool ! ! !   In the 1990 decade, a style of music particular to this neighbourhood began to develop which took a different and unique direction from the music in the rest of Tokyo and Japan.  It used European influences and styles from the 1960 decade rather than the US rock influences.  The style became known as Shibuya Kei which just means Shibuya Style.  We would like to share some of  the wide variety of music that has come from this unique neighbourhood.

He Says:

To be honest Shibuya sounds like my worst nightmare these days. Busy , noisy full of life and neon lights. I’m more of a “sitting alone in a field” kind of a guy now. When I was younger, though, I frequented the back alleys of Soho and Oxford Circus and I think Shibuya is a bit like that area. Swinging, sophisticated, naughty. A place for the young, the young at heart and , apparently, faithful dogs ! ( eh ? Look, just google “Hackiko” O.K.) . Here then, are some sounds from “Swinging Tokyo”. Hope you like them.

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