A couple of websites

You know those lyrics sites where the lyrics are just plain, well…wrong? I’ve just discovered songmeanings.net which is a lot better than others I’ve tried. There’s a comments section underneath each lyric where people post what they think the song means, which is often amusing and rarely used for slagging people off – the site promotes being nice to each other and respecting other people’s opinions. You can add lyrics (or artists/bands) if they’re not already there and so far I’m having lots of fun and even been complimented once on a description. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Also, last night I discovered

The Oxford American Southern Samplers which are compilations of music from the southern US – all kinds. There are seven of them and the blog site provides info, pictures and a track listing for each one. I only had time to download one last night, but I’m pleased to say I now have Ode To Billy Joe in my collection.

If you’re not used to downloading zipped files from blogs let me know and I’ll help.