Kew, Queues, Qawwali-for-Youth, Poppies, In-Laws & Grub

(10 ‘Spill points & a drink of your choosing to the first person to ‘get’ the lyrical reference in that title.)


I pretty much missed Shane’s first proper RR Guru stint, much to my own annoyance. Did you notice? No? Oh well, as you were ….

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Hanging at rock picnic

Here’s the documentary proof that the Meltdown Picnic was a way cool event, with a seriously authentic vibe – fuelled by Pimms with all the trimmings, cucumber sarnies, cream cakes, scones and clotted cream, the lot. Mr & Mrs TY did a grand job – definitely would put them in charge of an inebriated party in a beer making establishment.

RR Picnic 12th June

L-R treefrogdemon, a shy Mrs Tatanka Yotanka, TY, glasshalfempty, cauliflower, mnemonic, bishbosh, ejaydee

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Here’s one looking the other way, so you can see Rockin’ Mitch, who was on camera duty for take 1.

As above, with Rockin' Mitch munching. Note Fabulous Furry Flag, and gen-yew-ine picnic hamper.

Finally, a close up of treefrogdemon – we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat her!

And of course, there was the CD swapping ritual. As a result of the Digital Economy Act, one day all file sharing will be done this way..

FREE Big Sexy Festy Party

I’m just dropping in briefly to post about something special I heard about then I’ll scurry back into my den to go back to lurking.

I’ve resisted posting here for as long as I could. I’ve been posting on the Guardian music blog for a little while, RR and other bits of it, trying to contain my online music jabbering. As much as I’ve enjoyed reading the Spill, I know posting here will make my essay-prevention procrastinating even harder to rein in.

Aaanyway, I volunteer with Crisis, the homelessness charity and we’re being supported by the Big Sexy Festy Party in September which aims to cover 10,000 Christmas dinners for homeless guests at the annual Crisis Christmas which is an amazing feat of goodwill and organisation. Breathtaking really.

I hadn’t heard of the BSFP before this week. Maybe the other RRers/Spillers have been before. It sounds briliant so I thought I’d mention it here. It’s huge, it’s free and it’s all built on goodwill and a belief in “excellence in music”, a bit like the RR blogs which have really been a pleasure for me lately.

Saturday September 5th in East London :

Thanks, Caitlin

Gor, blimey

Gremlin’s Crosby post reminded me that everyone loves the Gormley statues (especially Gormley, as they are all replicas of him). When London was peppered with them last summer, I took this shot on Waterloo Bridge. There wasn’t a campaign to keep them in London, but I thought they were pretty neat. This was one of the few you could get at, though – most were on rooftops.