I don’t understand the world today

I got bored with this week’s topic very quickly (although all your posts are delightful, she hastily added) so, having downloaded a few TP bootlegs earlier this evening and found them to have very poor sound quality, I turned to a long-postponed project – using Audacity to break a concert which was all one file into its component tracks, so that I can listen to them separately if I want to. I see from iTunes that I’ve listened to the whole thing five times – it lasts an hour and a half – so I must’ve had it for quite a while.

Success! This is a brilliant, brilliant concert, and unlike the ones I downloaded today it’s got really good quality sound so it was well worth doing. It’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Utrecht on December 4 1982 and they are in terrific form, though TP is a little hesitant in addressing a foreign audience. (However I find this endearing.) It’s possible that you won’t want to listen to the whole thing, so here’s A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) which has a specially lovely piano intro.

Bootleg names tend to be a bit various, and this one is often called Straight Into Darkness, but I prefer the name Europe Calls Petty because I like the cover picture better.