"I am not ready!"

This is Passenham churchyard…Passenham, a small village in Buckinghamshire, is famous for its ghosts. One is an evil landlord, who is dragged through the lanes by his ghost horse, with his foot caught in the stirrup. Then there’s the corpse who shrieked ‘I am not ready!’ as her coffin was going down. They opened the coffin to check, but she was ready all right.

I used to live just across the river from Passenham but, though I walked there lots of times through the water meadows, I never saw a thing.

Now That I Am Dead – Richard Thompson
The Bay of Biscay – Waterson Carthy
Picture On The Wall – Carter Family
Molly Bond – Oysterband
Downbound Train – Springsteen
The Unquiet Grave – Shirley Collins
Cruel Sister – Pentangle
Ghosts of Hallelujah – the Gourds