He Said – She Said – K – pop Boys and Girls ! ! !

Read this post or I will shot ! ! !

Read this post or I will shot ! ! !

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Well come back to the winter series of He said she said ! ! !

She Says :

This week we will be looking at some K-pop boy bands and girl groups. Korea has a reputation as having the best looking guys and girls in Asia, but K-pop is not all about looks ! ! !  Korean pop music is ultra professional and the quality of the bands singing and dancing ability is really high.  For a small country Korea has really made a name internationally as a centre for pop music and in this post we will show you some of the groups that are making it in Korea and internationally

He Says:

If you had said to me a couple of years ago that I would be writing about Korean Boy Bands I would, probably, have laughed in your face. So here is a piece about, among other things, Korean Boy bands ! What has twisted my mind in this way ? Obviously it’s Sakura’s fault. That and the fact that I have a soft spot for well made, cheesy pop.

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He Said ~ She Said ~Super Romantic Special Edition ! ! ! ~ ♥ Our Songs ♥ 


“Miss S ~ they are playing our song”
” Shall we dance Mr P ? ? ?”

sakura 1She Says:

In this special our songs edition of He Said – She Said we wanted to share the tracks that are special to us because they remind us of each other.  we had a lot of fun with this post and we hope you will enjoy it also.  I think there are some interesting and surprising tracks  in this edition ! ! !

Mr P-1He Says

I have been told to say that this was my idea. I completely agree with everything Sakura has said here and there were no threats of violence used at all to get me to write this piece. Everything is fine, the hostages have been released and the bruising has gone down, so there’s nothing to worry about, obviously. So here are some songs that make me think of Sakura.  I’ve left out “Please don’t hit me” and “Can I go home now ?” on legal advice…..

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HyunA – The Ultimate K-Pop Diva ! ! !

K-pop Mega Star Hyuna

Oh Dear ! ! !  The Guardian has discovered K-pop  ! ! !

This week there are two articles about it over on on the Mothership ! ! !  Of course one is about learning the Gangham Style dance and the other is about Girls Generation.  The Guardian  seem to think Girls Generation will be able to break into the western market, and as usual they have gone for the K-pop Lite option.  But actually if a K-pop artist will make it long term in west, it will probably be HyunA.

She is smart, funny, sexy, fluent in English and Japanese a great singer and dancer and a charismatic live performer.

You will all hate her ! ! !

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K-Pop – random thoughts…

Sakura’s Kara Earworm got my mind wandering this morning and I happened to have my laptop in my bag, so here are some random thinkings…….

I have to confess that I’m kind of fascinated by the whole K-pop phenomenon. As you may know, most K-pop stars are required to attend intensive and thorough training and teaching in a wide range of skills – singing, dancing, language skills (usually English, Japanese and Chinese), interview and media training etc alongside regular school studies, for a number of years before they are unleashed on the world as a complete unit. It’s like a combination of university study and job training.

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Korean Punk and Indie – He Said – She Said

Korean Punk ! ! ! Are you sure Mr P ? ? ?

She Says:

Most people associate Korea with really well produced, totally professional and internationally successful K-pop boy bands and girl groups. But there is a really exciting alternative music scene and in this post we want to share some of the music by our favorite Korean punk and Indie bands.

He says:

Yes. In the “man eat dog” world of Korean music it’s the massed ranks of synchronised girlie bands that have garnered most attention, but there is a small but significant  “underground” scene too. What strikes me here is the sheer “professionalism” of the tracks. Clearly helped by advances in technology, even the scrattiest of punk bands can now produce a decent sounding ( and looking) recording.

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