He Said – She Said . . . It’s The J-Factor ! ! ! 

What do we do with the winners Mr P?
Exploit them ruthlessly like everyone else Ms S ! ! !

She Says:

Welcome to the J- factor ! ! !  This post is based on a popular TV series which maybe some of you have seen.  Basically we have three categories.  Solo, Group and Oldie. I will nominate one track for each category and Mr P will nominate one for each category and then you will have the chance to vote for your favourite.  We hope you have fun listening to the tracks and voting for your favourites ! ! !

He Says:

Call me S*mon C**ell and pass me a pair of high waisted trousers. It’s time for a head to head J-Factor contsest. The rules are clear ( vote for me) and the gloves are off !

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Toquiwa – The Spill Interview part 1

It was a chance meeting out side Shibuya station in Tokyo that resulted in Japanese girl punk-pop band Toquiwa’s signing to a UK record lable and collaborating with The Wedding Present.

Toquiwa (as Pinky Piglets) were playing a street live out side the famous Shibuya station in the heart of one of Tokyo’s most popular entertainment districts when the promoter who was booking the Wedding Present Japanese tour walked past and stopped to listen and had one of those wonderful “A ha ! ! !” moments.   He booked Pinky Piglets as they were called at the time to support Wedding Present and the start of a common journey with the two bands began.

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He Said – She Said – Our Current Favourites ! ! !

Read this post or we shoot the puppy ! ! !

She Says:

We wanted to make a post to share some of the tracks we are listening to just now.  Of course when it is Mr P and I, you know there will some surprises and also some artists  you can probably predict.  We had a lot of fun writing it and we hope you enjoy the post ! ! !

He says:

This week we have chosen some of our favourite “up to the minute” ( more or less) artists to share with you. We hope these give a little taster of what we cool, trendy young folks listen to when drinking our Horlicks. I hope you enjoy them.
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He Said ~ She Said – We Speak Engrish ! ! !

But Mr P ! ! ! I told you the Takushii Driba did not speak Engrish ! ! !

♪   ♫    ♪

Engrish is so lomantic ! ! !

She Says:

Japanese borrows words from everywhere ! ! ! We  have stolen words from Chinese, Portuguese and of course English and made them part of our language.  We also learn English at school, so of course we can not resit showing of our English skills in our songs.   Putting some English into a song can make it sound cool to Asian people but singing in a second language can be dangerous ! ! !  But these tracks all feature English and we really love love them.  We hope you do too !  ! !

Speak Engrish punk!!!

He Says:

Herro Evelyblody ! I found this topic a little traumatic. I’d hate anyone to think that I was being anything other than totally affectionate and supportive towards the musicians here who bravely, nay, courageously, take English words and mangle them into submission in the cause of being totally hip and cool and stuff. I suppose it’s no surprise, really, “rock” is pretty much and American/English invention. Anyway, here’s some tunes we love and hope you do to. Doomu Aligatto for listening

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He Said – She Said ~ Single Girls

Mr P ! ! ! We coming here to make a report for He Said - She Said - Not for a dating event ! ! !

She Says:

In this post we want to share some of the great things that Japanese women are doing in the music industry.  This time we are concentrating on solo artists and we hope to show you some of the variety and creativity of Japanese women in what is still a male dominated industry.

He Says:

I suppose it’s no surprise, really, that  I’m fond of the ladies. Musically speaking, of course. I first really became interested in Japanese music via Shonen Knife and their Myspace links were very helpful in finding new bands. From there, of course, I have become aware of a whole host of wonderful Asian ladies and here are some of  our favourite tracks by some of our favourite gals. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Stereopony in the USA


Hi Everyone ! ! !

Stereopony are in the USA at the moment ! ! !

They played at the Sakura Con festival in Seattle on Friday and the concert was streamed live on Nico Nico

If any Spillers are around the west coast you can see them here:

♪   ♫   ♪

10 April – Slims San Franscisco

11 April – Key Club Hollywood

12 – April – Yost Theatre Santa Anna

They are a great act live ! ! !

They have a new album out and are in really great conditions just now. So I am sure you will enjoy it if you can make it ! ! !
Here is a video of them live so you can see what I mean ! ! !

He Said ~ She Said – Japanese Lock Chicks ! ! !

Ms S it is Rock not Lock!!!
But Mr P - that is what I said - Lock ! ! !

She Says:

We have wanted to this post for a long time and now at last we can ! ! !  Japanese girls are very active in all genres of rock, much more I think than girls in the west. We want to show you some of the great things Japanese girls are doing these days in rock –  it is loud and little crazy maybe, but we think you will enjoy it!!!

He Says:

Last time we introduced you to some Japanese girls from the pink, fluffy end of the spectrum. This week it’s girls with balls. Big, fat, hairy rocky balls ( figuratively speaking, not really, I think you have to go to Thailand for that sort of thing). Wild girls making wild music in a wild way. Girls, doing for themselves. Go, go gyaru ! Continue reading