He Said – She Said – The A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter “I”


I is for Irezumi ! ! !

I is for Irezumi ! ! !


Ms 4 -80She Says:

After our short break, we are back with the next letter in our series of posts about Japanese music, culture and language  This week we are looking at the letter “I”  We have great tunes, P sensei has added a video to help understand the word of the week, and S sensei and the culture club are looking at tattoos this week, so if you want to know what the maple leaf and dragon motifs mean that our cover guy is displaying  ( and if you should be scared or not )  then come and  find out in the culture cub this week ! ! !

spike-80 -1He Says:

Hello again, fan, and welcome back to A-Z ! It’s been a while and we’ve missed you. This week we are looking at the letter “I”, the most selfish letter of the alphabet. Remember, kids, there is no “I” in team. Which is what me and Sakura are, sort of…

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He Said ~ She Said – We Speak Engrish ! ! !

But Mr P ! ! ! I told you the Takushii Driba did not speak Engrish ! ! !

♪   ♫    ♪

Engrish is so lomantic ! ! !

She Says:

Japanese borrows words from everywhere ! ! ! We  have stolen words from Chinese, Portuguese and of course English and made them part of our language.  We also learn English at school, so of course we can not resit showing of our English skills in our songs.   Putting some English into a song can make it sound cool to Asian people but singing in a second language can be dangerous ! ! !  But these tracks all feature English and we really love love them.  We hope you do too !  ! !

Speak Engrish punk!!!

He Says:

Herro Evelyblody ! I found this topic a little traumatic. I’d hate anyone to think that I was being anything other than totally affectionate and supportive towards the musicians here who bravely, nay, courageously, take English words and mangle them into submission in the cause of being totally hip and cool and stuff. I suppose it’s no surprise, really, “rock” is pretty much and American/English invention. Anyway, here’s some tunes we love and hope you do to. Doomu Aligatto for listening

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