I am so excited by this!

I always loved this album back in the ’70s when it came out.

The DJ in the pub we all went to used to play tracks off it all the time and it was one of those albums that people who were “in the know” used to listen to. It had a kind of Wishbone Ash sort of feel to it, double lead guitar, lots of melodic lines, bits of synthesiser and mellotron and some really clever playing.

Unfortunately, I never bought it and it got deleted ages ago and I don’t think it was ever released on CD, until now.

I was browsing on Amazon on Friday and it popped up on my recommendations, so I just had to buy it.

Here is the blurb from Amazon;

CD Description


ESOTERIC RECORDINGS are pleased to announce the release of the classic 1973 Progressive rock album “The Alchemist” by HOME. The band featured a line up of Mick Stubbs (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Laurie Wisefield (lead guitar, vocals), Cliff Williams (bass, vocals) and Mick Cook (drums) and had recorded two previous albums in a more conventional style before recording an album cited by many as a “lost classic” of the Progressive genre.

Although critically acclaimed, the album failed to sell in quantities it deserved and HOME disbanded the following year. With the addition of guest Jimmy Anderson on Mellotron and Synthesiser, the conceptual work also brought the guitar playing of Laurie Wisefield to the fore, eventually leading to his joining WISHBONE ASH soon after the demise of HOME.

This Esoteric reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and includes both sides of Home’s 1974 single as bonus tracks.

1. Schooldays

2. The old man dying

3. Time passes by

4. The old man calling (Save the people)

5. The disaster

6. The Sun’s revenge

7. A secret to keep

8. The brass band played

9. Rejoicing

10. The disaster returns (Devastation)

11. The death of the alchemist

12. The alchemist

13. Green eyed fairy

14. Sister Rosalie

I should get it on Monday or Tuesday, I really want to hear it again.

I am just worried that it might not sound as good as it did back in 1973.