Rhythm is a language. Drum circles.

I went to drum circle again today, the second time recently after a year away from it. I should have gone back sooner as all afternoon I’ve been floating on a lovely wave of euphoria. There’s something about the physical bit of it, the movement, rhythm and vibrations that can set something off and put things right. I can see how music and dance therapy are so powerful.

Drumming is brilliant for lifting stress, anger, grief, worries and sadness. I’ve seen it work wonders for shyness too.

The drum circle I go to feels a lot like RR – unpressured and welcoming. We have a facilitator, like a lot of drum circles, but there’s no pressure about “right or wrong” ways of doing things. No hidden agenda either. Just fun and happiness.

There are drum circles all over the world :

Drums On the Web – hitchhikers guide to drum circles

Here’s a little film I found on YouTube that gives you a good idea of what it’s like and how it feels. Like they say in the film, rhythm is a language. Lovely :

Time stops and we all evaporate

The people in the photo up there are in Vermont

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