The Story Behind The Song ……………..

… well, sort of.

Over on Guardian Unlimited Talk, there is a really entertaining thread called “Thread to give the other side of well-known songs”.

It has been hugely entertaining along the way, with some really good posts. Being a boastful sort, I thought that I’d post three of my contributions;

Dear Mr Goode,

The Environmental Health Department has received several complaints about the noise your are making in your cabin among the evergreens with your late night guitar playing.

As you are aware, there are noise abatement restrictions in force in the Louisiana Woods National Park and I am writing today to ask you to desist from playing amplified music after the sun has gone down, despite what your Mama has told you to the contrary.


Look Bruce, I know you are a nice guy and all, but I am getting really bored just hanging out down on the strip while you and your friends just race your damn stupid cars up and down all night.

Why can’t we go to the movies some time, I mean some guys try and impress their girls, I don’t want to die on the streets, my Pop would kill me if he knew you didn’t even have a licence and I am not wrapping my legs around anything, you got any idea how much these nylons cost? There is, like, no way I am going to ladder them on some oily piece of machinery.

Anyhow Bruce, why not go and join the Marine Corps and go kill some Viet Cong.

So, yep, I guess I am breaking up with you, you never did take me walking in the sun after all.

Stay cool,



Police arrest report 25412

Officer O’Leary apprehended the suspect, a Mr L Reed, after observing him waiting outside the building, 125 Lexington St, for at least half an hour. The suspect was behaving in an agitated manner and was accosted by a number of black passers by. Eventually, Officer O’Leary saw the suspect enter the building, accompanied by another man, dressed in black and wearing a straw hat.

After some time, the suspect emerged and Officer O’Leary apprehended him.

At the station, a body search was carried out and a package of white powder was found. Analysis showed that the powder was a proprietary brand of drain cleaner and the suspect was released with a caution.

It is well worth checking it out. Some posts are pure genius.