Bends for (about) 5904 Miles – The Reviews Podcast

After an extended hiatus the award-winning duo of Panthersan & Satankidneypie (accompanied by a backing band of the birds outside the window) are back back back with a new episode of Bends For… and this time they cast their critical eye on some up and coming bands and artists and lay into some new albums from established favourites.

In the up-and-coming camp, Scumbag Philosopher’s offbeat commentary on contemporary social issues gets the once over. Listen to the review and find out more about Scumbag Philosopher HERE

Next up multi-genre dubstep/dancehall/electronica type Indiginus gets the critical treatment, with a review of his Sofa Surfer album. Listen to our completely uninformed opinions and then make your own minds up by going to his website

After that ex-Death In Vegas man Mat Flint’s Deep Cut have our humble reviewers reaching for the superlatives with their fuzzed up shogazey indie rock album Disorientation. Read about them HERE and then have a proper listen at their Myspace

New music from Hey Colossus and Euros Childs also get the review treatment amongst the mindless chat and waffle. Usual apologies for the low sound quality and cut-outs, but we are (about) 5904 miles apart!


All Apologies

Hello all. Sorry I’ve been such a poor ‘Spiller recently. I’ve been doing quite a bit of lurking, so I know what you’ve all been saying about me, but I’ll let that slide. I have had a lot going on, but I won’t bore you with the details. Anyway, what prompted me to (finally) get round to posting again was that I just heard that poster-boy of Welsh pop Euros Childs has made his latest album, Son of Euro Child, available to download for free . All you have to do is sign up for his mailing list via his website: Pretty cool, huh?