It’s 4 charr-i-dee, mate

Please feel free to ignore me here, folks, as I do realise I’m committing one of those ultra-awkward, blog etiquette faux-pas, but …

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Those of you who’ve met me will realize that if I try to break out into a jog, earthquake early warning centres all over the northern hemisphere will panic!

Julie (DarceysMam), who hasn’t worn a sports kit outside of Center Parcs for over a decade, has been to the gym THREE times this week in a desperate attempt at training.

Jess (DarceysSis) is wondering if she can get out of the whole thing by sponsoring the other three of us.

Darcey, however, has decided that she wants to help those kids she’s been seeing on the telly. Bless her!

So, on Sunday morning, off we go. Sunday evening? I’ll be all jimblylegged.

Happy New Year Y’All

DarceysMam starts 2012 as she means to go on … !

 For no other reason than the fact I caught my wife in a (for her) rare moment of alcoholic abandon less than an hour ago. I figure we can trade well-meant-if-ultimately-inconsequential best wishes for the New Year here:

 Fire away, you lot. Me? I’m off to bed! May your 2012 be better than 2011 was.

‘Night all   *hic*

(Gratuitous use of a song recorded by a briefly enthusiastic, and most interesting RRer. – ‘Spill points on offer for anyone who guesses the identity. Double ‘Spill points on offer for anyone who already owns the album it comes from.)


Now that Julie has seen the pic and post, the sentiment of this next song has passed unsaid between us: