Went to see the Captain, strangest I could find

I was contemplating doing another Festive Crossword when Sakura’s recent post put the opening┬áline from Ship Of Fools in my head.┬áSeveral hours of head-scratching later, I came up with this. If it ain’t exactly a Festive Crossword, it’ll do until the real one gets here, to paraphrase Sherriff Ed Tom Bell in No Country For Old Men.

Hopefully, this grid is usable if you open it in a new window. If not, let me know and I’ll drop it somewhere.

Answers next week.

OOPS: There’s a mistake in 1 down! Due to my imperfect memory, the answer is missing an ‘N’ (so should be an 8-letter clue, not a 7-letter one).

Please follow my mistake and omit the ‘N’. The clue doesn’t work otherwise. (A mistake in 1 down? Bloody amateur! – Ed.)

Oh, and tfd points out, quite correctly, that 27 across is (3,3), not (6)!