No, no – the future is bright…

I wasn’t able to post over the weekend but I’ve been musing about the future, specifically: I know a lot of us are or were in bands, and although I wasn’t, I did at least get asked to join one once, and have hung around with a few. Plus, my son Matt has been in bands ever since he was at school, and certainly did and does think he might make it some day in the music biz.

Look at the picture: do you think that the Crickets, who came together in the mid-50s, ever thought they’d be playing the Floral Hall in Southport when they were old and grey? (Sonny Lewis, on the left, wasn’t a Cricket originally but was associated with them and Buddy Holly back in the day; JI Allison and Joe B Mauldin are yeractual Crickets.)

So…did any of you anticipate a future in showbiz? And what happened?