treefrogdemon on the air

On March 14 I got an email from TP’s fan club saying that the radio station that hosts his programme was holding a competition to celebrate the 6th year of the show – we had to suggest a question for TP, to do with music/the radio programme/whatever, and 21 people would be chosen to go to LA and ask him the questions at a special event hosted by the station. Well, I got very excited because I thought that was a competition I might very well win, and I spent a whole week pondering what kind of question would be likely to be picked, and thinking of a question and refining the question…and it wasn’t till a week later that the entry form went up and I found out only people in the US or Canada would be eligible.

So I was well miffed, and on listening to the programme (an ordinary one not the special competition one) later that week I decided I would email TP and tell him so. And while I was at it I submitted a request, since he said he was wanting people to do that, and the request was for a Freddie King instrumental called Pulpwood – I know TP likes Freddie, and as his grandfather’s nickname was Pulpwood (TP’s not Freddie’s) I thought he might well play it so he could talk about his grandfather; well, he didn’t mention his grandfather but as it happened the Heartbreakers drummer Steve Ferrone was on the track – which I didn’t even know! – so he talked about that instead. DJs always want something to say, you know.

Here’s what he said, then – oh and by the way, in general I don’t like to be referred to as ‘a nice lady’. But if TP wants to call me that, it’s OK.