If You Could Pick The Year Of Your Birth …

DJDarce waiting to be let loose amongst Daddy’s CDs

… when would you choose? Be a WW2 baby so you’d be teenage when rock&roll revolutionised popular music? Or a decade later so that you’d have had a chance to test the maxim “If you can remember the 60s…”? Maybe you’d have picked the so-called Year Zero, when Punk claimed (disingenuously) to bin everything that had gone before. Or is ‘now’ such a fantastic time that you’d love to be young enough to be immersed in all this music and then have (i) the joy of tracing it back to its heritage, and (ii) decades of discovery to come?

But-but-but – the later you choose, the less chance you’ve had to see . . . well, tell me! Who are you so happy to have seen play live that you wouldn’t choose to change your birthdate for anything? Or is nostalgia not as good as it used to be? [Sorry.]

Why do I ask? Because Darcey (as you can see) is just discovering that there is just so much music, so little time.