The Nilpferd A-listers- The Vocalists

Abahachi kindly pointed out that the Nilpferd A-list tally just hit twenty and that I owe the ‘Spill a commemorative post. As I’ve been pretty quiet recently it seems as good a way as any to poke the hippo snout back into the ‘Spill trough, so here goes. Conveniently, the tracks in question sort themselves into fairly obvious categories, so here as the first of four 5-for posts is The Nilpferd A-listers- The Vocalists.

Esther Marrow – Baby, that’s what I need (Walk Tall)
Betty Davis – If I’m in luck, I might get picked up
Carmen McRae – Spring can really hang you up the most
Dinah Washington – I used to love you, but it’s all over now
Leon Thomas – The Creator has a master plan

Five highly individual singers are represented here, each with a very clear idea of where they stand. If you aren’t pepped up by Esther Marrow’s motivational efforts, you’re probably needing an embalmer, while Betty Davis isn’t leaving any doubt about what’s motivating her at the moment.
Carmen McRae has had a gutsful of spring and Dinah Washington is washing her hands of her do-no-good lover, not before time.
Faced with the combined might of these four sisters, Leon Thomas borrows Pharaoh Sander’s Creator to ensure things will work out in the end, even if we don’t have much say in the matter. Just lay back, and let them do their thing…


Betty Davis wants that light shut off.
NOT turned off.

Matt Johnson, accompanied by Johnny Marr, sets out in a taxi following the maxim that, if you seek something, you should seek it where the light is strongest… in his case, what he’s seeking can be found standing under the streetlights of his city.. one of his ambiguous, flawed and fractured portraits of a man in search of his sodium light baby..

The Gordons need a new bulb for their hat, so that they can shine it in your eyes, and the beam of their 15 000 watts will wipe away the lies.. you get like that if you spend too long down a coalmine, I guess..

And just because it fits, Betchadupa – Spill the light..

(Player removed)