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She Says:

Asian women seem to be very much more active in the Music industry than in the west and they play, write, and produce music of all genres.

Mr P and I would like to celebrate the contribution of Asian women in a  He Said ~ She Said post (or maybe more than one).   But there really are so many that we can not decide which ones to make the post about.

So,  we need your help to decide ! ! !

He Says:

At the risk of sounding like an old pervert ( which I am, of course) “I like girls”. Specifically Asian girls ( not in THAT way…er..well…maybe a little..I can see myself digging a big hole here…..).I’ll start again.

I admire tremendously the music produced by the women of Japan and other Asian countries. Contrary to the perceptions in the West, perhaps, the ladies appear to be “doing it for themselves” far more than they do over here where the predominant “girl sound” is manufactured pop pap. Sakura and I would like to share a few tracks with you all. There are so many to choose from we’d like to divide the “Girlie sound” in to several posts

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The Chinese Alternative Music Scene ~ He Said – She Said

" Do you really think we will find a punk band in China Mr P ? "

He Says:

The Big C. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as the country opens, up the music scene has begun to blossom. Shanghai was always a bit of a “show town”, the San Francisco of the east and it’s here that the indie scene really seems to flourish. Still early days, apparently the distribution and manufacturing systems aren’t really geared up for the small, independently produced labels but this appears to be changing and there’s a real wealth of great music coming out of China now.

She Says:

China ! ! !  Of course rock music in its different forms has a very short history in China.  It is really only since about 2000 that rock bands could form and play without state approval.  And it ha been a long and hard road for many of them. It is easy to forget the price paid by some musicians for their art and courage.  Of course we want to celebrate the great things that are happening now, but we also will humbly acknowledge a true hero.

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