He Said – She Said Special Cross Cultural Edition – Typically English – Typically Japanese ! ! !

 If he chooses a track about octopus's . .  I will kill him ! ! !

If he chooses a track about octopuses . . I will kill him ! ! !

sakura 1Welcome to the special Cross Cultural Edition of He Said – She Said ! ! !  This time we decided to show what we think is typical of the music from each other’s counties ! ! !  So I will be picking typically English tracks and Mr P will be picking typically Japanese tracks ! ! !

We think it will be fun and hope you like the post ! ! !

Mr P-1This time we have chosen to visit each other’s musical heritage in a fantastic cross cultural exchange type of a thing. I think it’s interesting to see how others see us, through the medium of music. We have chosen one contemporary  track, one oldie and one traditional.  We hope you enjoy the tracks.

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Sakura’s – J-Pop Corner – Free the AKB 48 ! ! !

Free The AKB 48 ! ! !

Free The AKB 48 ! ! !

J-pop has been in the news recently and for all the wrong reasons ! ! !  Minami Minegishi one of the founding members of the group was photographed leaving the house of her boyfriend and has made a public apology and as a symbol of her regret she has shaved her head.

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He Said – She Said ~ We Love – Goose House ! ! !

Goose House

She Says:  

Are Goose House a group  or a musicians collective?  We do not really know and actually we do not care because Goose House are FUN ! ! !  In this special edition of He Said – She Said we want to share our enthusiasm for this wonderful group of young musicians who have taken a very different path to success and on the way have had a lot of fun and shared the fun with many thousands of people.

He Says:

A little bit difficult for me to write about this band as I only came across them a few weeks ago in relation to the Yui tribute album ( see Sakura’s previous post). However I’ve been playing their songs and videos and find them very enjoyable. This post, I think, illustrates two things about the Japanese music scene at the moment.
1. There’s still room for “bedroom” musicians.
2. It’s pretty much self contained. Goose House could cover “Teen Spirit” or other Western rock songs but they choose J-pop instead. They don’t need us.

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Attack Of The Japanese School Girls ! ! ! ( part 1)

High School Is A Special Time For Girls

Stand And Bow – Lessons Are About To Start ! ! ! 

When I started this post I realised I had so much I wanted to say that I would actually need two posts ! ! !  So in this first one I want to talk about the two main styles of uniform and a little of the history of school uniforms in Japan and then something about personalising uniforms.  Next week I will focus on School uniforms in J-pop but first lets get to know the uniforms and something about the girls that wear them ! ! !

In Japanese schools when the lesson starts the kids stand up and formally bow to the teacher.  This is to show they are focused and ready to learn and as sign of respect for the teacher.  We ready to start now  – so stop talking at the back of the class and pay attention ! ! !

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The Spill Challenge Vol 2 No.12 . . .It is all about me! ME ! ME ! ME ! ! !

I think every rapper that ever lived has made a track about how cool, sexy and bad ass they are, but not all tracks made by musicians about themselves have to be so egotistical.

Bigga Raiji in Song Of the Stomach gives us a humorous look at his life as a “Big Belly Man” (which was an Earworm some time ago) and Scandal show us how little attention they paid in English classes at school in Scandal no Theme (featured in He Said – She Said –  We Speak Enrish)

So this week challenge is tracks by bands and  musicians about themselves.

To start you off I will nominate maybe my favourite AKB48 track.  Of course AKB48 is one of the most successful J-Pop Idol groups ever.  They are only the third girl group ever to play the Tokyo Dome and last year alone they sold more than 9 million records ! ! !

But success was not instant and when they first stated in 2006 they played in their theatre in  Akihabara district of Tokyo to small audiences of curious passers by and empty seats.  In fact in their first concert there were only 7 people in the audience.

AKB48 are made of different teams, each with 16 members.   The first team formed was Team A which was originally 22 members (16 performers and 6 reserves as they performed every day and needed to rotate)  Later teams K and B were added.  Team A is still considered the best team and this was the group of girls that started the whole thing.  In the song Pioneer they remember the early days.

Pioneer is one of the Highlights of their concerts and only Team A perform it.  You can really see how emotional they are and feel the pride they have in being the Pioneers ! ! !

The video has English subtitles and the translation not so bad so I have not translated it.

AKB48 – Pioneer

I hope you like it

So my dear Spillers – what tracks do you like by bands or musicians about themselves ? ? ?