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I recently found myself thinking about the changes that have occurred during my lifetime, not the personal changes though there’s been quite a few of those, but the big ones, those that have changed mankind. The industrial revolution had that effect on civilization, nothing was ever the same after that. The changes that I’m thinking about are on that scale, world changing events that have all  happened during in my lifetime. It’s unbelievable that the world could change so dramatically in such a relatively short period. The photograph above couldn’t exist before WW2.

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The He Said ~ She Said A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter H ! ! !


We are the Avante Guarde H

We are the Avant Garde H ! ! !


faye-80She Says:

Gosh we have been on holiday for a long time ! ! ! I was at home in Okinawa and Mr P was at home in Hawaii and then we had our honeymoon cave diving in Iceland and time just flashed by ! ! !  But we are back now and we have a great selection of tracks for you ! ! !  We have avant garde, some chilled tropical sounds from my home, a 16 year old school girl who has already had 22,000 songs written just for her . . . . and   . . . .well . . . Mr P’s other choice ! ! !

spike 80-1He Says:

Ta dah ! Just when you thought it was safe..we’re back with a tremendous pot-pouri of J-Pop and culture for you. Hope you enjoy it !


 See you in the culture club boys ! ! !

See you in the culture club boys ! ! !

A Message From The Faculty ! ! !

Holidays are over and lessons and club activities have started again ! ! !   We expect you in class for your Japanese Lesson with P sensei and if you do not have cram school we expect to see you in the Culture Club With S sensei ! ! !  This week the in Japanese class will learn the meaning of Hikikomori ! ! ! 

In the culture club S sensei will be explaining about the cultural linguistic matrix and one reason why communication between westerns and Japanese people can be difficult . . even in Japanese ! ! !

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He Said – She Said ~ A to Z of Japanese Music – The Letter F


"I am A Fish and I begin with F ! ! !"

“I am a Fish and I begin with F ! ! !”

faye-80She Says:

Welcome to the letter F ! ! !   Gosh we are at F already ! ! ! !  That means this week we are sharing some views on the crazy world of Japanese J-pop fans, some cool music from Shibuya, Tokyo’s capital of cool, some really nice pop punk and a great girl band who even sing in Engrish ! ! !  I think it is really fun week and we hope you like it  ! ! !

mrp3He says:

A letter that means a lot of things to a lot of people, some of them quite rude. Nevertheless we must cover it and here is our selection of music related things that begin with F. We hope you find them interesting.

teacher 2P Sensei says:

Do not forget He Said – She Said is educational and not just fun.  Learn Japanese the fun and easy way with my world famous one word a week method, available exclusively in He Said – She Said on The Spill ! ! ! 

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He Said She Said -The A to Z of Japanese Music ~ A ! ! !

letter a cover

A Is for . . . . Lots of Good Music ! ! !

faye valWelcome our new project ! ! !  We have been thinking about how we can give our Spiller friends a  taste of the variety of music that there is in Japan and we thought about this idea.   Each week we will use a different letter and include bands, tracks or genres that start with that letter.  That way we hope to share with you a wide variety of pop, rock, punk, indie, alternative and anything else we can think about ! ! !  Maybe you will not like all the tracks, but we  hope you enjoy most and that you enjoy our new series ! ! !

2024611-spike_spiegel_by_desertora001Welcome to “Project A-Z” in which Sakura and I hope to  explore the dark nooks and crannies of Japanese music and, with luck, provide some interesting and entertaining tit-bits of information. I shall be focusing on “Word of the week”, being keen on education and stuff, and will be teaching a Japanese word with each post. We hope you enjoy the ride. Fasten your seat belts please….

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Seoul Music



I’ve read a comment saying that South Korea is the “Ireland” of Asia. I kind of get what they mean.
It’s a country that just gets on with it, really, not grandstanding on the international stage, just
working hard, doing what they do and, crucially for us here, enjoying a bit of party time ( as they do
in North Korea too, of course, but in quite a different way).
Korean ladies are famed for the beauty but that’s not all, some of them are making fantastic music and I’d
like to share a few of my recent discoveries with you.
They are all contemporary and, to me, fascinating. Some really top tunes, so here goes.
( Titles are, mostly, courtesy of Google translate so may be a little “off”).
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He Said – She Said ~ Rock Desu Yo ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S. Mr P ! ! !  I don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S.
Mr P ! ! ! I don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

faye 80

She Says:

Welcome to the Rock and Roll party ! ! !  This week Mr P and I are sharing some of our favourite Japanese rock tracks.  There is quite a variety, from tracks released this year to golden oldies from the 1990’s ! ! !  We think you will enjoy the selection, I think there will be something for everyone to like this week ! ! !

spike 80

He Says:

This time we are looking at “rock” but in two rather different ways. My choices focus on the seedy, “dark” side of things whilst Sakura’s , still rockin’, of course, are more user friendly. It’s quite a noisy selection and should be played LOUD !
We hope you enjoy them.

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Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down

I’ve just read The Burning Question, by Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark. It’s not an easy read – as it paints in graphic detail the trajectory of our planet if we continue to do very little about carbon emissions – yet it’s one that should inform every school curriculum, business plan and political manifesto immediately.

Triggered by a 2012 article in Rolling Stone, Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math, it examines the current state of global agreement on the issue, which is:

  1. Governments agreed at the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009 that we shouldn’t let the atmosphere warm up more than 2 degrees C, and simply can’t let it increase by more than 4 degrees C, or the planet’s eco-system will become unstable.
  2. If we deposit another 565 gigatonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, we’ll heat it up by 2 degrees C.
  3. Those companies and countries who exploit carbon fuels are basing their future economic prosperity on their intention to release at least 2,795 gigatonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, roughly five times the ‘safe’ amount.
  4. There are no globally-agreed plans to resolving this issue.

The book does suggest ways to avoid the monster truck we’ve created from mowing us down but they all need a rapid increase in awareness of the problem by everyone, everywhere, as soon as possible. This is part of my small contribution. I urge you to read this book and tell everyone you know to read it. Just because the climate-change deniers are in retreat doesn’t mean things will change. The UK energy sector is currently having orgasms about the discovery of 40-odd years of carbon-rich shale gas under the country as people still complain that wind turbines spoil the view….