Let me just make a comment on today’s headline, “Jeff Bridges Lists California Compound for $29.5 Million.”‘ First off that compound was in Montecito, possibly/probably the most exclusive, most expensive location for serious ‘old’ money’ in Southern Califorornia. If you made your money before  the ’29 crash you invested in Montecito. The Kennedy’s had their honeymoon in Montecito.  The place is nothing but mansions and palaces all the way from the Pacific to to the mountain top.

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Rebellion 2016 – Sunday

13393928_10154288993274111_204106897640130747_n[1]The Restarts pose for a selfie with a fan!

I may have crashed out sprawled fully dressed on my bed last night (again) but it’s an early start – breakfast at 8.15am! This is because one of our party, a man who has been to every single Rebellion/Wasted/HITS since 1996, is leaving a day early. He wants to watch popular East Midlands football team Leicester City play at Wembley. Unthinkable. He’s on a tight schedule and we’ve never seen anyone eat a bowl of cornflakes with such an air of urgency bordering on panic. It’s hilarious, although you probably had to be there.

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Rebellion 2016 – Saturday

DSCN2858 The official sign to Rebellion!

There’s an important priority today  – buying a volcano.  Mrs wyngatecarpenter was away  recently and wyngate jnr was convinced on no basis whatsoever  that she was going to bring back a toy volcano. He got a jigsaw instead. The shop assistant in Toyland is very helpful (so helpful she gets a plug) but they only have a volcano chemistry toy that might be a bit too explosive. I get him a plastic octopus instead. My mate points out that I could buy a t-shirt by one of the bands, Spunk Volcano & The Explosions. Another band Wonk Unit have t-shirts featuring a dinosaur, but also the slogan “Dinosaurs Are Wankers”. Maybe not.

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Rebellion 2016 – Friday


“Let me hear you say Oi!”

Last week I met an acquaintance  who actually played onstage at Rebellion a few years ago. I mentioned that it was imminent again. He  suddenly looked weary at the  thought. “That’s a long weekend”. It is but I’m still here even if it’s 5am and I’ve fallen asleep face down on the bed fully dressed. It doesn’t matter – this B & B is basic but breakfast is on until 10am. Very civilised.

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Rebellion 2016 – Thursday



Punk in 2016

The English seaside: sandcastles, ice cream, seal watching trips, crabbing. That was our visit to Wells-next-the-Sea with the in-laws last weekend. This weekend is my return to Blackpool. As a comparison Wells was holding it’s carnival. What could they offer to compete with Rebellion? We were told that (Rebellion veterans) Chas N Dave would be performing. Instead it was a Chas N Dave theme night with a performance by top tribute act Daz N Chave. There’s also a performance by a local band who according to a quote from a proper music mag are “setting a new standard, and the standard is high”. They seem suspiciously like an indie covers band. I predict they’ll play I Predict A Riot and I am correct. Hmmm. I’m off to Rebellion to see who is setting a new standard in punk.

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The Devotchkas – not amused!


I haven’t posted much on here lately so in attempt to get out of a rut I’m going to bare all and tell you about my most embarrassing gig moments, because I was reminiscing the other day realised there were quite a few of them. Enough for a Top 10 in fact. Some of it involves drunken foolishness and painful attempts at boosting my punk cred as you might imagine, others are just awkward moments , but they are all here for you all to shake your head pityingly at.

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Quarterly (2nd)


So what have we have we all found to listen to lately?