With you, whatever.

I thought to myself: ‘How would George Bush interpret the “With you, whatever” memo?’ So, I put myself in George Bush’s shoes and tried to think like a privileged man, who is used to getting his own way and yearns for glory and huge wealth for himself and his inner circle.

This is what I came up with. It’s long and sounds nothing like dubya, but I’m putting it on here cos I can:

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Shouldn’t have mentioned firemen …

Well, we’ve had an interesting day. DsSis finally opened her bedroom curtains late this morning, and called “Er, Dad, you’d better come and look at this!”

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I’ve missed the local news so far, and it turns out this wasn’t even the biggest fire in our area today (this was – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-36699036), but I’m still hoping it turns out to be a damage-only spectacular.

Naturally, the first song through the desk speakers when I sat down to do some work was this one:


I’ve just got in from a new club on the Reeperbahn

astra stube 09.05.16

(photo: Rabea Bollmann)

where TheBoyWonder was playing with his new band (regular readers will realise that he is now TheYoungManWonder). Having finished school, he decided to spend his gap year playing the bars of Hamburg, just him and his guitar opening as support for a whole load of local musicians, but also Richard Dawson. Then he got a place on the prestigious POPKURS at Hamburg University for Theatre and Music, asked some of the lads he met there to help him record a CD and they had such fun together they decided to form a band. Today was their first official gig and it was pretty good😉



Tuesday night family tree challenge #3

Here is the third of the challenges that I said I would do. Not sure if Blood, Sweat and Tears was a great choice last week, so I’ve been thinking about who might offer up a bigger range of possible links.

Anyway, to get the playlist link out of the way, here is one link that might work and here is another one.

So, on to the artist I have chosen.

He was someone who was part of the 1960s blues scene right from its earliest days, working with Alexis Korner, Cyril Davies and later with Steampacket and Bluesology. This week’s artist is the late Long John Baldry.


To get things going, here he is performing “Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew”