Village People


Some of you may know that I help put on gigs in our village’s community centre, so I thought I would share some of the homegrown talents of Newport-on-Tay. 

First of all is Sonny Carntyne who are an echo-rock 4/5 piece who make great songs in the vein of The National or Interpol with a deep musical intensity & evocative lyrics.

Their “Retreat” EP is up on band camp for a pay-what-you-like arrangement here

Then there is St Kilda Mailboat, who have been wowing crowds with post apocalyptic skiffle songs about David Niven, Heebie-geebies, cats called Michael Stipe, and a tune called Mini Wham Bar Rampage where they pelt the unsuspecting audience with mini Wham Bars.

And thirdly we have Seven Sons who play americana tinged folk with lovely harmonies & are very engaging live to boot!

So, open up your village hall, be merry & please share in the comments what’s going on in your neck o’ the woods!

10 from 11 from 12

Snow business

I never got round to doing a post on my albums of the year last year. I’m sure this was a profound disappointment to everyone, so here are 11 tracks from records I liked which I don’t think featured on the Festive ‘Spill (my own choices apart) or other people’s list.

You know the rules. Pick your favourite, pick your 11th favourite. And please feel free to mention any songs or albums from 2012 to which the Spill’s collective attention should be drawn.

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Blimpy’s Top 5 Ukelele Covers




Hey ‘Spillers! Here’s a wee photo of the fun I had once I took up the ukelele! Just kidding, that’s obviously Elvis (I’m on the right, in the blue cossie). Some of you may know that I have ditched a lifetime’s worth of pain via guitar for something simpler, more fun, the people’s instrument, if you will. I’ve had my uke for a few weeks now, and it’s so jolly that I don’t get shouted at any more, like I did whenever I picked up my guitar. We’ve even had singalongs in the house to Noah & The Whale and the Adventure Time theme song.

I’ve become kinda fascinated with the youtube clips that folks record in their bedrooms, there’s some remarkable talent out there, not to mention a weird voyeuristic peeks into people’s homes and lives across the world. So, here’s my top 5 favourite youtube uke covers.

1. “The First Of The Gang To Die” – originally by Morrissey, covered by Mandy Nikko. I think a big pop star in Malaysia may have covered this, which then led to other people covering her cover. Regardless, I really like this rendition (the chorus is to die for), it takes it back to days of old a wee bit, and shows up the amazing Moz songwriting really rather well. My children call this “The Hector song”, as this is where the family dog got his name from.

2. “Kids” – orig. MGMT covered by Ooks Of Hazzard. Not a bedroom clip at all, but I just love the way they’re all sat in a row with their ukes, all having a wee shot on the vocals, their version really brings out the pathos & yearning that was kinda hidden in the original.

Three more after the jump….

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