‘Spillharmonic Records – Update!

There’s no turning back now ‘Spillharmonic Shareholders cos I’ve ordered the sleeves!!

“The Arigato Pak! is a Stumptown Printers original. This unique structure doesn’t require adhesives for assembly, has four spines (approximately 3/16″ thick), and finished dimensions 4 3/4″ square. Made of thick (18pt.) brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard. Ready for your custom silkscreen/stamp/label/stencil artwork. Shipped to you flat with folding instructions”

600 of these beauties are in the post, and I”ve got my eye on a local artist who has been producing some top notch hand-printed art cards of late!

Suggestions for a striking cover image in the comments please!

‘Spillharmonic Records – 2010 update

Hey ‘Spillers – time for a wee update on the old ‘Spillharmonic doings.
I’ve had to have a slight rethink on the idea of releasing vinyl – this is mainly due to how much more it would cost for a format that most of us can’t even play.
So, I’m now thinking we do a CD first, and hopefully we’ll raise enough from that to make a record.
Benefits of a CD:
0. Can fit more bands on it!
1. Cheaper.
2. More people can play it.
3. Easier/cheaper to post out.
4. Can be packaged in a fab way with a wee bitty effort
5. We have the cash!
What do you think?
There’s excellent packagers, like this one , where if we buy the blank sleeves we can then customize them with stamps / painting / screen-printing etc to make something unique and lovely and desirable.
Also, with the amount of room on a CD, we can put out even more ace unheard bands (or not have to turn any away) and call it “unheard music” or “there’s something happening here”
Any more ideas gratefully received, let’s jam, and get this moving!!

‘Spillharmonic Records – FUNDRAISER!

In an attempt to push ‘Spillharmonic Records over the finish line, I’m auctioning some old vinyl to help pay for the new vinyl (see what I did there?!)

The first auction is for Editor’s debut 7″ (the rarest Editors item that exists), you can follow the auction here – it ends in a week – the last one of these that was on ebay sold for about £50, so let’s hope it goes for a similar price.
For those unfamiliar with the ‘Spillharmonic Records concept – it currently stands at this: A release of a 4 track EP on vinyl/cd to helping get good music to a wider audience. Everyone who donates (no matter how much) becomes a shareholder and gets to be involved with the music choice/ sleeve / videos etc etc.
You can donate securely via the sidebar widget, which will take you to a paypal page.
If anyone knows any Editors fans or posts on Editors messageboards, please go and spread the good word!!

***Edit*** I have now added a mega-rare Maximo Park record as the 2nd auction, click here to see it.

Let’s Talk Sleeves…

Spillharmonic sleeve ideas?
Do we want to go down the route of handmade sleeves (not like the one pictured)? 
Or do we want a glossy pro printed effort? 
A handmade sleeve could establish a ‘Spillharmonic house-style, and make each sleeve unique. This would mean setting up a spillsweatshop somewhere in the country, at some point in the future….
I think a ‘Spillharmonic stamp could be made up, to stamp the record label with. 

‘Spillharmonic Records – Update

As Tinny pointed out, it has gone a bit quiet on the ‘Spillharmonic Records front.
After the initial flurry of activity and donations, things kinda got stuck at the $755 mark. 
So, for those who don’t know, here’s a recap. 
‘Spillharmonic Records has been founded to release special one-off singles.
The idea is that us music lovers can add to the canon of good music and have some fun at the same time. All those who donate, whatever amount, become equal partners in the label and have an equal say in what goes on record, as well as contributing to art/video/promotion etc. 
One band per side of vinyl (there will be a cd included also, and mp3s, for the more modern folks). 
So, if you are a reader of the ‘Spill, and would like to get involved – you can donate securely via Paypal via the widget below, or in the sidebar. 
We’re not far off the financial target, so please do get stuck in, so we can really get going! 
Work has started on the label website, click here to view, which needs to be added to. 
Also, we should now be looking at submissions for tracks to release. Previous consensus of opinion was that we should be helping a band/bands who are already out there gigging, and trying to make a go of it. So, if you know of anyone, please get them to send a track or two in!