Who Would You Reboot?

Jack White is such a show-off, trying to upstage the dear wee old lady like that. Wanda Jackson dated Elvis you know, bet Jack is jealous about that. The Fall covered her “Funnel Of Love” on their LP from last year, guess it’s Wanda time. If anyone has any other WandaFacts, please do put ’em in the comments. I’m listening to her Jack White produced album on Spotify and it’s very enjoyable. Not on a par with his Loretta Lynn reboot which I loved but is whiling away the last of a work monday afternoon. There’s an obligatory Amy Winehouse cover on there, but a tune the Arctic Monkeys have done better already.

It seems to be a bit of an industry at present, the reboot of fading legends for a new audience or the last stab at credibilty for those written off as cheesemongers, I guess Johnny Cash kicked it off successfully – Neil Diamond and Tom Jones less so.

But who has been overlooked so far, and could make for a great reboot, and who would help them do it?

Dolly Parton and Goldfrapp? Van Morrison and Tindersticks? Alanis Morrisette & Warpaint? Paul McCartney & Lightning Bolt?