End of the Week Quiz


OK, people. We haven’t had an end of the week quiz for ages and Leavey has done his bit, as have many of you. I feel the ‘Spill is kind of going into a snooze; we are drifting into a “Uhhh… there’s nothing on the ‘Spill and the tumbleweed is drifting across and as much as we love Blimpy and Etc Etc “… maybe it’s the summer. Maybe I’ve had too much wine with my neighbour who is (ahem) very attractive and 20 years younger than me but … hey … sigh … it’s the World Cup and even that is Nil,Nil so he we go …

1) You are allowed one (ONE!) piece of music to take with you to a desert island where you have to stay for six months. What piece of music would you take?

2) What is your best moment, ever, ever, ever? You can include sex but please don’t be graphic. Some of us may be jealous.

3) Give us a song that lifts you up, up, UP!

4) What is you favourite season, and why? I am looking out at an indifferent sunset: personally I like October / Autumn because it’s warm but not too hot/cold; the Autumn colours are to die for and it’s a season of reflection / Mr Kipling cakes.

5) Give us a recipe. Nothing complicated, just something you throw together after the pub and without thinking about it. Anything from bacon and eggs / curry / comfort food / beans on toast. We’re not proud, just hungry.

6) What would you say if you had an invitation to stay in Yorkshire in a small house with a very strange woman and her son: with a good possibility of alcohol and sleeping on the floor (NB this does not commit you to anything).

Cheers and have a good (remains of) the weekend.

I love you all!