Solid Gold Classics from Radio Abahachi: Gladiators!

It’s been ages and ages since I did a podcast; mainly due to sheer lack of time (which is why I continue to be somewhat missing in action more generally), which means that my more professional blogging – in the sense that it relates to the day job, rather than anyone showing any sign of paying me for it – has had to take preference if I’m able to do anything at all. But the great advantage of a classically-themed music podcast is that it kills two birds with one stone; just a shame that I picked on a theme this time around that turned out to have relatively few relevant songs – or at least that I could think of; very happy to hear of suggestions in the comments…

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I’ve been having problems with technology, and in particular Dropbox; unable to get into my old account, unable to persuade a new account to play music via WordPress, so I’ve had to resort to Podbean. Hope this isn’t going to inconvenience anyone. I also have a request, or rather a desperate plea: does anyone happen to have copies of old Radio Abahachi podcasts that you could send me, and in particular the two previous Solid Gold Classics podcasts? I used to have everything on a USB stick as well as on my hard drive; didn’t get round to transferring files to new computer – and now can’t find the USB stick. The previous episode (on Sirens) is definitely still on Dropbox, as I’m able to play it – I just can’t get at it. If someone can send me files, or offer any helpful advice, I’d be pathetically grateful…

SFTCSFTS – 2015 Best of the Rest and Beyond – A podcast

Just a quick podcast to test out my first try at using Audacity. As you can hear, I think I still need a bit more practice! I couldn’t work out how to make the vocal tracks the same volume as the music ones at first. I sorted it out for the first part of Part 2, but the volume is a bit up and down in Part 1 and most of Part 2 – sorry about that! It was also a total pain the arse to get it all into MP3 format too…hmmm…..will have to keep tinkering!

In the meantime, the music here is a mix of underground and overground (mostly under) and is quite a good reflection of some of the less obvious stuff that I’ve been listening to over the last year, although it turned out a bit noisier than I thought it would.


(Edit: To get around the WP upgrade problem, I thought I’d try uploading to Soundcloud – hope it works!)





Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea – A Week with Myself (Feat. Guest DJ Panthercub)


Last week I had a research paper/book chapter thing to write, so I took the week off work, set up a desk by the window in the warmest room in the house overlooking the garden, and settled down to work. For someone like me who spends most of the day out of the house, has a young family and a partner not terribly au fait with the concept of compromise (not to mention taste in music on the slightly noisy side) this opportunity to be by myself and listen to whatever the hell I wanted to all day for a week was a very rare and precious thing indeed.

Over the course of the week I listened to about 50 of my own records and despite the mental taxations of the task in hand had one of the most enjoyable weeks in a long long time.

Finding even more time to myself to put it all together to make a podcast was pretty impossible, so I enlisted Panthercub as my official selector and made a fun game of it on a rainy afternoon. It ended up completely different to what I had in mind (I was thinking more noise and less electronica), but there you go, it was out of my hands!


Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – Sloppy Sevens Vol. 1


I recorded this on Friday and was meant to post it last night, but I got trapped by the snow and spent a freezing night on a non-moving train.

After a day of drive clearing, snowman making and afternoon napping I’ve finally found a moment to post this all-new podcast made up entirely of records from my singles collection. It’s the same old unlistenable dirges, just in shorter form!

Features a guest appearance from Mrs Panther and her car SatNav – it took me ages to remember what that word was in English, that’s the problem when new words come into use when I’m out of the country…hmm….I’m already rambling and you haven’t even pressed play yet…Enjoy!

Radio Abahachi: Solid Gold Classics II

Draper's UlyssesIt’s been ages since I’ve done any sort of podcast – I’ve just been way too busy at work – and for various strategic reasons this one has to be another of the cross-overs between Abahachi and my work identity. Still, better than nothing, I hope, and some of the music is fabulous…

[audio |titles= Radio Abahachi Sold Gold Classics II]

Your literary questions…..answered!

As you may remember I asked for your questions for a literary podcast I was producing, fab responses from the Spilliverse, which I printed off and took with me to the recording. There wasn’t time as part of the actual podcast to get the presenter to pitch them in, but I took a quick few minutes to road-test them afterwards (hence the background crowd noise) ¬†with the author Russel D McLean, who is a Dundee based crime writer, who has had four successful books out, and is working on the fifth. Russel only had a scant few minutes before he had to rush off to the next engagement so we nipped through ’em sharpish, skipping any questions that may have warranted a long answer (time constraints, soz if I skipped your question). So, here are your literary questions…..answered!!

This was lots of fun, thanks guys, hopefully it will evolve further, with your help.


Literary Help Needed!

Good day to you fair ‘Spillers – I’m hoping to pick your gigantic communal brain on literary matters. I am about to start producing literary podcasts for a client, and need your help please. The podcasts will have a basic format where an author reads and is interviewed and takes questions from an audience. All well and good and quite straight forward. What I quite like the idea of is the same five awesome/bizarre/funny/deep questions being asked of the different authors, kinda like an EOTWQ with a literary bent, which I think would add up to an interesting feature – and this is where I need your help please!

If you can put your amazing questions in the comments I will be most incredibly grateful – no such thing as a bad question! Thank you so much!