Upload Limit

Hi there ‘Spillers.

Earworms will be delayed this week unless we can delete some of our previous uploads – thanks to everyone who has done this already. Apparently we’ve exceeded our upload quota, don’t know if the blog fairies could help by deleting some of the older music files that are still in the media library?

I’ve deleted all my Earworm ones except last week’s (I think) – if I can do anything else, please let me know.



Now that’s what I call: Elastic bands.

so ONE each from A all the way to Z then a number/a punctuation/a symbols (that includes you saneshane)

The final selection.
You must narrow your choice down to just one.
I’m looking at you picking the best one from your weekly lists (or in odd cases; the one you stupidly forgot to include).

If you put ‘Spill Challenges into the search box – most of the elastic bands weeks come up.

Have fun.