EOTWQ – Casting Couch

I WAS going to the Beacons festival in Skipton today, http://greetingsfrombeacons.com/, with the Kirklees over-55s club (aka Distressed Gentlefolk of West Yorkshire Association). Anyway, I have just had a titanium plate screwed into my arm, which looks much more colourful than the arm in the photo above … rather like a beacon, in fact … but I digress. (Beth, I’m assured it won’t set off airport security alarms). The upshot is I’m here with a sore arm, spare time and a spare hand to type with and debbym gave me an idea … so here’s a little quiz to take your mind off the news and anything else you’d rather not think about:

1. Sign my cast with a bandage / plaster / titanium related song.
2. Tell us a tale about getting plastered, interpret this how you will.
3. Let us know if you’ve been to a good festival or a good live band event this summer.

That’s all, short and simple … have fun and please try to post links rather than videos otherwise they will gum up the blog.

Off you go!

End of the Week Quiz

There seem to be a few wisps of tumbleweed on the ‘Spill lately, so maybe this will create some interest. There is also the possibility of a small prize, if you read on:

1. You have not decorated your living room for 15 years. You make a start, but are hampered by small child, attached to X-Box and assorted paraphernalia with umbilical cord. Do you:

(a) Decorate around him, leaving the middle of the room murky yellow while the rest is terracotta and coral flair?
(b) Call a computer geek to sever the cord and lead him howling to his bedroom?
(c) Give up and contact a painter and decorator (it’s only money)?

2. You have too many books and, to your horror, you discover Aubrey Beardsley next to “The Children of Green Knowe”. Do you:

(a) Donate all the books to Oxfam, no one ever reads them;
(b) Take all the books off the shelves, go through them, decide you can’t bear to lose them and put them back?
(c) Sit on the ladder with a cuppa and a biscuit, and start reading the Aubrey Beardsley?

3. Your son assures you he can play blu-ray discs so you buy “Life of Pi” as neither of you has seen it. He rips off the wrappers (so you can’t return it) and then tells you you’re stupid because he can’t play blu-ray. Do you:

(a) Take him back to the shop, abandon him there and buy yourself a blu-ray player / download relevant software?
(b) Flog it on E-Bay, if you can be arsed;
(c) Forget about it, you’re too engrossed in that book?

There you are – the prize is “Life of Pi” on blu-ray disc for the first person to tell me they want it. Otherwise it’s ‘Spill points as usual for the wittiest answers. Have fun.

EOTWQ…is woozily romantic

I’m trapped in an abandoned building

Come find me now

We’ll hide out

We’ll speak in our secret tongues

Will you come back to my corner

Spent too long alone tonight

Would you come brighten my corner

A lit torch to the woodpile high

My current earworm is the Frightened Rabbit song, above, I love the you-and-me-against-the world lyrics, a bit soppy maybe but it’s the certain romance that appeals to me, I’ve always believed companionship to be the most important thing – so here are the woozy romantic questions:

1. What’s the sweetest, or most romantic thing you’ve ever done? 

2. What’s the sweetest, or most romantic thing that’s been done in your direction? 

3. What’s your favourite thing to take the edge off? 

4. Did you ever run away anywhere? Where did you go, how far did you get, were you with anyone? 

5. I know I banned music questions from EOTWQ, but what’s your favourite romantic lyric? 

kisses xx

Punky’s EOTWQ – Getting to know you

After a discussion last week with Aba, Maki and leaveitallbehind about ways of welcoming new members to the RR community, I put together this EOTWQ as an icebreaker, so to speak. So everyone, from the most regular of regulars to the newest of newcomers, please join in and take the quiz! Usual rules apply, 6 questions, my answers are at the bottom of this post and feel free not to answer one if you don’t want to!

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Buttons and Bows: EOTWQ

Here’s a little something to wile away a snowy January night, if you’re not already tucked up under the duvet.

My mum died about 14 years ago and I “inherited” her Singer sewing machine. When it was purchased in the 1930s it was powered by hand / treadle, but at some point she had it converted to electricity and incorporated into a wooden cabinet with drawers for all the sewing equipment, and a cunningly designed top which slides off when you want to use the machine. Since 1998 it has been moved around my house and gradually crammed full of my sewing stuff; young Munday’s toys and all sorts. Today I decided to tidy it up, and found mum’s paraphernalia still under the rubble; bits of lace and elastic from her old petticoats; hooks and eyes; wool for darning socks; old Yardley’s Lavender soap boxes full of ribbons and bows; name tags; needle cases; a complimentary sewing kit from the hotel we stayed in for my brother’s wedding in 1968 and Easter chicks I made as a child. It was a strange feeling, like finding a time capsule. So my questions are:

1. Do you have a similar experience to share?
2. Do you keep things in case they come in handy, or
3. Do you chuck things out rather than have a load of clutter?
4. What can I do with my chocolate box full of buttons?

Links to any relevant music are welcome, as always. Have fun!

Apropos of nothing – EOTW quiz

Kathy & wombat Jan 08

I have posted a picture of my friend with a wombat for no particular reason, other than it is an example of how wombats can be very good friends. I have nothing interesting to say; I am slightly lost, slightly bored and slightly drunk. So here are some spill-it-all questions for you:

1. Cutlery drawer. I have asked this before, but it was a long time ago. How do you do yours? Knives, forks, spoons/ forks, knives, spoons? Spoons, knives, forks? You get the idea. And does it annoy you when someone buggers it up?

2. You have just eaten a nice piece of banana cake off what you now realize to be the cat’s dish. You have also spilled instant coffee on the work top in the kitchen. Do you:

(a) throw up; clean up the coffee and apologize to the cat?
(b) apply the 5 second rule, stop worrying and leave the coffee for the morning?
(c) take your mind off both by posting a spurious quiz on t’Spill?

3. You have given up work to look after your child / parent / wombat / aunty Flo. Do you embrace the opportunity or lament the demise of life as you know it?

4. What is the worst thing about getting out of bed in the morning?

5. What is the best thing about getting out of bed the morning?

Light-hearted answers requested and here is some music to jolly you along:

Apologies if I have pipped anyone to the EOTWQ, it’s not even the EOTW yet.

Punky does an EOTWQ! SHINY!

This is a picture of Ginevra Molly ‘Ginny’ Weasley as played by Bonnie Wright in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Because I can.

OK, this is my first time so please be patient with me! Some of these questions may have been asked before, I which case feel free to ignore/berate me… There’s no obvious theme this week, except all these questions came up in a conversation I had yesterday.

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